2 Alive

2 Alive - In the sky

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Sometimes I can touch the sky
Waiting for the stars to shine
Sometimes I can feel you there
Touching me from far away
In the sky together
Our love will live forever baby
In the sky together
Our love will live forever baby 

The sky, the magic place
Only birds can see its face
So close your eyes and dream again
If it hurts you won't feel the pain
Take your clothes I'll let you dream
They should last for the rest
And when you wake up and live again
In the sky we live again

Fly, here is..................
Your endless journey has just begun
Having a dream visions of love
I know it's the sky you're dreaming of
Listen up, it's you I trust
Take me to the heavens above
I close my eyes, I'll be blind
Don't worry, just free your mind

In the sky we'll fly
The stars can tell you why
Why this is only a dream
A dream for you and me
Don't wake up, don't be confused
Cause if you win you'll only lose
Treasure the magic in your head
Keep it real, keep it clear
You gotta be cool, you gotta be tough
'Cause in my dream is never enough
Making love to someone like you
I'll die for sure 
If you take this dream of miracle magic away
And fly up to the sky
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Megaton (3)


Released in: 1996

Language: English

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