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2 Belgen - soulsmasking

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How many masks and undermasks
upon our contenance of soul
And when if for sport the soul itself unmasks
the last mask feels no inside to the mask
but looks out by co-masked eyes
whatever consciouness begins the task.
A child frightened by mirrored faces.
Our souls, children are thought losin’
foist otherness upon their green grimaces, 
and get a whole world on their forget causin.

Oh boy what would you say
if I rouged my lips and face.
But boy what would you say
if I rouged my lips and face
twenty times a day.

Soulsmasking, Soulsmasking, Soulsmasking,
Soulsmasking, Soulsmasking, Soulsmasking

(c) 2 Belgen
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Author: Rembert De Smet

Composer: ?

Publisher: Antler Records


Released in: 1984

Language: English

Appearing on: soulsmasking (1983) , soulsmasking (1983) (2006)

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