2 Fabiola

2 Fabiola & Loredana - She's after my piano

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Dance floor like a jungle here 
I can feel his groove 
When I see him I just know 
I wanna see him move 

Something about the energy 
Changing in the room 
When she enters I just know, 
She´s after my piano 

God, I love this musecs...

Please don´t tell me it´s a trick 
You make me feel alive 
Fuck the lyrics let´s go wild 
I wanna feel your vibe 

Here is what I wanna do 
When we get away 
I might have an instrument 
Just for you to play 

She´s after my piano
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Language: English

Covered by: Margriet Hermans (2022, Dutch) , Margriet Hermans (2022, Dutch)

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