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2 Unlimited - Tuning Into Something Wild

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Time to tune to something wild.
It's new, it's hot, it's all you're not.
Don't turn back, it's all we've got.
You're breathless, you're out of step--
time to learn just what is hip.
If you think you're in a jumble,
that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Tuning into something wild.
Tuning into something wild.

Like a comet from space,
like a slap in the face,
you can feel it coming.
Like a push in the back,
turning white into black,
you're feeling something wild now!

Well, maybe so-- we're in a mess,
world gone wrong, but don't forget
there's a groove that makes you wonder
how the hell they sample thunder.
It's glorious, it's boom, boom, boom.
Bless the noise that shakes the room.
If you think we're getting milder
brace yourself for something wilder
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Author: Peter Bauwens, Michael Leahy, Phil Wilde

Composer: ?

Publisher: ZYX Music, РАО


Released in: 2008

Language: English

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