2 Unlimited

2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone lyrics

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First add the bass into the jam
Let the music take command
Back to back to another dimension.
Stop the fuzz and pay some attention
Music to party, music to dance
The new follow up by public demand
Slick as viper loud megaphone take you down
Into the twilight zone.

Enter the club and turn the party upside down
Grab the microphone as I pump the sound
You want more and more you get
With 2 Unlimited in effect.
Check up the sound and stop this distortion when you
Think it's finished
Perhaps another pation
Just lay back as we take control and let us take
You in the twilight zone.

Band with another verse of the chapter
Straight to the heavyweight for
Worse or better
Vicious in away crowd in vicinity.
Slaying DJ's with
The rhyme capability
Listen to me the jam as we go wild check your MC
Yeah king Versatilek
Me and a lady hard megatone
Lock you up in the twilight zone.

This is a twilight zone one you're not on your own
And take you to the twilight zone
This is a twilight zone and better shake your bone
And come on to the twilight zone.
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Author: Carlos Meire, G.J.O.R. Rollocks, Patrick De Meyer

Composer: Carlos Meire, G.J.O.R. Rollocks, Patrick De Meyer

Publisher: Eaglevision Publishers B.V., Byte Records, Decos Publishing


Released in: 1992

Language: English

Appearing on: Hits Unlimited , Get Ready (1992)

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