36 Crazyfists

Members: Brock Lindow, Thomas Noonan, Steve Holt, Mick Whitney

Active: 1994-Present


Formed in December 1994 in Anchorage, Alaska, the band currently consists of four members: Brock Lindow, Steve Holt, Mick Whitney and Thomas Noonan. After the release of their debut album Bitterness The Star in 2002, they began to tour the US with bands including Candiria, God Forbid, Chimaira, Diecast and Hotwire.

After their US tour they went to Europe to begin the European Road Rage Tour with Killswitch Engage and Five Pointe O. At the completition of this tour, the band took time off to write new material for their sophomore album A Snow Capped Romance, which was released in 2004 and produced by James Wisner, who worked with Dashboard Confessional and Further Seems Forever.

Brock Lindow has himself done a collaboration with the band Demon Hunter on their album Summer of Darkness. He appears on the song Beauty Through The Eyes Of A Predator.

Their new full length album Rest Inside The Flames includes Jonah Jenkins of Miltown, and Howard Jones and Tom Gomes of Killswitch Engage. It was released in Australia on June 10, and two days later in Europe/UK. It will be available June 13 as an import for the United States via Amazon.com. It will be officially released in the United States August 28, 2006.


1995 - Boss Buckle [EP]

1997 - Suffer Tree [EP]

1997 - In The Skin

2002 - Bitterness The Star

2004 - A Snow Capped Romance

2006 - Rest Inside The Flames


2003 - "At The End Of August" MTV2 Headbangers Ball

2004 - "Bloodwork" Resident Evil: Apocalypse Soundtrack

2004 - "Workhorse" J?ger Music Rarities Promotional Giveaway

2006 - "I'll Go Until My Heart Stops" MTV2 Headbanger's Ball: Revenge

2006 - "Digging the Grave" (Faith No More cover) Kerrang! High Voltage

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