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5 Chinese Brothers - Headlong To The Truth (The Avalanche Song) lyrics

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(Tom Meltzer)

Sometimes you only have to move one rock
For an avalanche to start
Sometimes it only takes one smile
To get inside and mess around your heart
Ever since I met you we've been tumbling toward destruction
That's as certain as the setting of the sun

If I'd known I'd fall in love with you
I'd have fixed it so we never would have met
Never having known you
Would have made you so much easier to forget
You're about as good for me as I am good for you
And that's about as good as an avalanche is fun

And I wish that we were married
So we could get divorced
Get over this loving stuff
Let nature take it's course
You can't choose who you love
Darling we're the living proof
So we'll ride this old landslide where it takes us
Headlong to the truth

I'm moving through this landscape
With all the grace of a two-legged mule
I try to stand a while
Then I accept it, I'm no exception to the rule
As I'm bouncing down this mountainside I am pleasantly confounded
But I'm worried that it's never going to stop

I'm thinking as I'm falling I hope I don't land
Where anyone will see me
I'd rather lay in solitude
Until the winds of time blow by to free me
But I've got the peace of mind of a skydiver whose parachute won't open
In other words, I'm good to the last drop


And I got two-months' pay burning a hole in my pocket
It's a crazy thing
I don't know if I should move as far away as I can
Or buy you a wedding ring

And I wish that we were married
Hey maybe we would get divorced
If we get over this loving stuff
If nature takes that course etc.
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