8Stops7 - Esteem guitar tab

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Esteem by 8 Stops 7
Tabbed by Joseph Aguirre
email: mexicano3@hotmail.com

I haven't figured out all of the song yet and some parts may not be
exactly right but I haven't seen any of this song anywhere on the net
so I figured I'd tab what I did know, if anyone knows any of the other
parts email me and let me know.  And I'm pretty sure that the chorus
isn't exactly right but i figured that i'd put something there.


   E               B                A


Open Power Chords in the verse, and carry the A through the second line
and figure out the strumming from the song.

E x79900
B 799800
A 577600
D x57700
C x35500
G 355400

E        B               A
The city slips, away too soon,
Tonight she's wide awake,
E      B                   A
Making small talk with Mr. Moon,
Singing louder than the rain,
E               B                A
On night's like these she can be herself,
She forgets I'm there, it's just as well,
E        B                A
I always feel like I'm by myself,
And she never will, oh never will

E            B                   A               D                 C
She says she hates the fact that men can see she wants to tear the eyes
out of everything

*same as first verse*

What makes her feel the way she feels,
Like everything is nothing real,
What makes her sees the things sees,
Like everything that's wrong with me,
I guess I should stop tryibg to figure her out,
I should know by now that I'm not allowed,
Now I know this is not allowed if I want to keep on coming round,

*same as first chorus*

She says she hates the fact that men can she wants to tear the eyes out
of every living thing,
Oh god I grin,
Does that include me,
Does that include,

    E         B           D                  A    C
She hides her reflections with pictures from magazines,
    E       B            D         A        C
She gets so angry when I don't see what she sees,
       E   B           D       A         C
But if I'm supposed to sit and watch her tear herself apart,
           E     B              D     A      C
Then maybe I was wrong, all she never really knew me at all

           E          B
Hello, hello, did you find
Your self-esteem
Should i suppose that
     B                   A
He's giving you what you need
And so it goes and
       B          A
Slowly i begin to breathe
           E         B
Hello, hello, i'm so sorry
It wasn't me...
I'm so sorry it wasn't me

I don't know it yet, but I really want to figure it out, I
really like the way it sounds.

*same as first verse*

The city slips away too soon
Tonight she's wide awake
Making small talk with mr moon
He listens to everything she says
And he doesn't try to understand
Never expects to be let in
He just hangs on every word
That comes from the
Mouth of this little girl

Comments, suggestion, or corrections: mexicano3@hotmail.com
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Reprise Records


Released in: 1998

Language: English

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