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Yasmine - Yesterday's Tomorrow (Tribute)
Yesterday's Tomorrow (Tribute)
Yes - Yestower
(Not on label) (1997)
Yes - Yesyears
Atco Records (1991)
Ultima Thule - Yggdrasil
Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule Records (2005)
Tarja Turunen - Yhden Enkelin Unelma
Yhden Enkelin Unelma
Tarja Turunen
Universal Music (2004)
Pearl Jam - Yield
Pearl Jam
Epic (1998)
Daniel Johnston - Yip / Jump Music
Yip / Jump Music
Daniel Johnston
Stress (1983)
Arquettes - Yiss Yiss
Yiss Yiss
Alpha Blondy - Yitzhak Rabin
Yitzhak Rabin
Alpha Blondy
Alpha Blondy productions / Une Musique (1998)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - YMO Go Home!
YMO Go Home!
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Eastworld (1999)
Inna - Yo
Global Records (2019)
Laura Pausini - Yo Canto
Yo Canto
Laura Pausini
Warner Music Group (2006)
Julio Iglesias - Yo Canto
Yo Canto
Julio Iglesias
Decca (1969)
The Aquabats - Yo! Check Out This Ride
Yo! Check Out This Ride
The Aquabats
The Aquabats Music (2004)
Rosario Flores - Yo me niego
Yo me niego
Rosario Flores
Wesley - Yo te quiero
Yo te quiero
Compay Segundo - Yo Vengo Aqui
Yo Vengo Aqui
Compay Segundo
East West (1996)
Blue Blot - Yo Yo Man
Yo Yo Man
Blue Blot
RCA Records (1994)
Yodel it!
Ilinca & Alex Florea
Cat Music (2017)
Harrie Jekkers - Yoghurt met Banaan
Yoghurt met Banaan
Harrie Jekkers
Polydor (1988)
Penny Penny - Yogo Yogo
Yogo Yogo
Penny Penny
Awesome Tapes from Africa (2020)
Altin Gün - Yol
Altin Gün
Glitterbeat (2021)
Gino Vannelli - Yonder Tree
Yonder Tree
Gino Vannelli
Verve (1995)
Ginger - Yoni
Round (2007)
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
The Flaming Lips
Warner Bros (2002)
Ali Gatie - You
Ali Gatie
Warner Records (2019)
Sasha (D) - You
Sasha (D)
WEA Records (2000)
James Arthur - You
James Arthur
Columbia Records (2019)
Bang Gang - You
Bang Gang
Sproti (1999)
Kate Havnevik - You
Kate Havnevik
Continentica Records (2011)
Aretha Franklin - You
Aretha Franklin
Atlantic (1975)
Ten Sharp - You
Ten Sharp
Columbia (1991)
Archive - You All Look the Same to Me
You All Look the Same to Me
Warner Bros (2002)
Jeff Buckley - You and I
You and I
Jeff Buckley
Columbia (2016)
Zoot Woman - You And I
You And I
Zoot Woman
Wall Of Sound (2001)
Nancy Wilson - You and Me
You and Me
Nancy Wilson
Carry On (2021)
Spargo - You And Me
You And Me
Lark (1980)
Orion Too - You And Me
You And Me
Orion Too
Vale Music (2001)
Apoptygma Berzerk - You and Me Against the World
You and Me Against the World
Apoptygma Berzerk
Metropolis (2005)
Yazoo - You and Me Both
You and Me Both
Mute (1983)
The Wannadies - You And Me Song
You And Me Song
The Wannadies
Indolent Records (1997)
Randy Travis - You and You Alone
You and You Alone
Randy Travis
DreamWorks (1998)
David Hasselhoff - You Are Everything
You Are Everything
David Hasselhoff
White Sessions (1993)
Samiam - You Are Freaking Me Out
You Are Freaking Me Out
Burning Heat (1998)
Cat Power - You Are Free
You Are Free
Cat Power
Matador (2003)
UFO - You Are Here
You Are Here
SPV (2004)
Zen-Men - You Are Home
You Are Home
B+R Productions (2006)
Kobus Muller - You are like sunshine in the night
You are like sunshine in the night
Kobus Muller
Toi Toi Toi Records (2013)
You Are Loved
Jeff & Sheri Easter
Gaither Music Group (2019)
Whitney Houston - You Are Loved
You Are Loved
Whitney Houston
Arista Records (1999)