Aphrodites Child

Aphrodites Child - The Seventh Seal

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And when the lamb
opened the next two seals
we saw the souls
we saw the martyrs
we heard them crying
we heard them shouting
they were dressed in white
they’d been told to wait
The sun was black
the moon was red
the stars were falling
the earth was trembling
and then the crowd
impossible to number
carrying flowers
shouted amid
the hotless sun
the lightless moon
the windless earth
the colourless sky
- How much longer
will we suffer from hunger?
How much longer
will we suffer from thirst? -
And when the lamb
opened the seventh seal
silence covered the sky
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Author: Costas Ferris

Composer: Vangelis

Publisher: Vertigo


Released in: 1996

Language: English

Translations: Italian

Appearing on: 666 (2019)

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