Claw Boys Claw

Claw Boys Claw - 600 Monkeys

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good morning you
love to see you
in your brightest blue
good morning fire
kicks all around
and when you dream
guess in your dreams
you’ve made it
good morning you
fly – don’t try
i’ve got –
five thousand acres of grain
waving round my brain
walk around – i walk around
and i’ve got
six hundred monkeys – so sad
jumping at my back
she said: wow –
i’m coming down
i swear i’m gonna catch the rain
she said: now –
i’m going down oh yeah –
you wanna catch the rain
settle down – i tell you now
she says she wants to stay
good morning you
i’ve decided to be happy too
good morning fire
you’re on your own
and when you dream
guess all your dreams
have made it
good morning you
fly – don’t try
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Language: English

Appearing on: Hammer (2013)

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