Doja Clik

Doja Clik - 6 Million Ways To Bubble

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This shit gets deep
 6 feet deep
 Life is straight  strugglin'  this shit strifin'
 Just try to make a meal ticket
 I never fucked off anyones paper
 Stayed away from captain save
 And I'll be down if I'm a busta perpatrator
 Anyone fake
 I gots to be major
 But why in the fuck I got no luck
 I pray to my maker
 But I still end up gettin' stuck
 But I ain't no punk
 I have to maintain
 A fat ass status, gots to have it
 But I reach into my pockets
 Blowin' out raps
 God damnit I need to be lavish
 But the system ain't feelin' me
 They rather be killin' me
 For some ol' bullshit in the first degree
 Now really
 I can't fall into trap
 Or lose my life over snaps
 So peep game
 You mark ass langs
 Find out what you bustas lack
 The game is hard to find
 When you imitate and fakin'
 Lettin' the hood take you under
 This shit be takin' and breakin'
 Cause suckas say that they hard
 Hard to recognize game
 Wavin' that gat in my face
 But you the one in the rain
 I mantain to stay the same
 Defend my life for my kids and wife
 A squirrel ain't nothin' nice
 You fumble you payin' the price
 I smell the refers breathe
 When my face is fat
 Thats why I need a gat
 For the fact that possible lacks I have to adapt
 Shit like that
 Got a motherfucker on paranoya
 But some killas got a remedy
 Old English and the Doja
 Like nowhere this surround a fool
 You won't drownd up in a sea of no-nos
 When you can get caught up by hobos
 Playa hatas and po-pos
 You can't hear
 When your head is underwater
 Wake up motherfucker
 Pull your suds and your dark
 Life is strugglin'
 Chorus x4
 I know life is a struggle
 But you still gotta hustle
 6 million ways to bubble
 I have to struggle to succeed
 In a city that wants to take me
 It's like they got the silver spoon
 And them suckers they wanna take me
 Go to jail or work for you
 What else can I fuckin' do
 Force me to deshrunk my side of ten rods
 Then devils live cool
 Ain't givin' a fuck
 Ain't givin' a back
 That's why they devilish
 Sometimes I grab the gat
 Cause all they do is make you wish
 You wonder why
 The liqour stores surrounds the fuckin' pole
 So you can't think I'm all shit
 Like that makes Young Ren wanna even the scores
 But if I fuck with them
 What they gon' do to me
 Clear the dirt on my name
 With they authority
 Just another ghetto story
 Straight lost in the system
 You can't afford free speech
 So you better pay attention
 Listen to the game I'm speakin' in your big ass head
 Before life expectancy pronounces you dead
 That's real with Doja Clik
 Can't you feel
 Chorus x4
 Six million ways to get paid
 And I ain't gon' break my back
 Just know your gettin'
 You know what I'm talkin' about
 I don't know
 But I got all just about to sport mine
 Just be our for yours
 Stop trippin' ex man
 They mad me get all you paid
 Na'ad mean
 Straight business shit
 Young Ren
 Doja Clik
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