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Lana Del Rey - Paradise

Lana Del Rey - Paradise

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Published by: Interscope, Polydor, Stranger

Published in: 2012

Release type: Full CD

About this Album:

She took the music industry by surprise when she released her debut music ten months ago. She hit the charts like a storm, her name was on everybody’s lips and magazines wrote about her as if she was a consecrated diva. Now, Lana Del Rey is back with her vulnerable and yet strong voice on eight new tracks gathered in the EP Paradise.

If you loved her debut material, than you would definitely love this EP, as it provides the same emotional flux, the same themes, the same good vocals and the same humor. The small collection has something for everyone who wants to feel in their guts the atmosphere of the 50’s with a modern touch. Lana sings the pains of love with the same smoky voice that echoes the past into a present that is pervaded with commercial synths and sexual influences.

Let’s take “Cola” as an example. It’s a song that shocks from the very first line. Though it’s not one of the best songs of Paradise, this song contains an American theme, it seems patriotic and it’s filled with sexual connotations that reveal the rebellious side of Lana, the girl that actually has an affair with a married man, loves diamonds and the American flag and whose “pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola”.
On “Ride“, her voice seems to become more vulnerable as she asks the man she loves to stand by her side. “Don’t leave me now/ Don’t say goodbye/ Don’t turn around/ Leave me high and dry.” This song is perfect, she performs it with absolutely no fail and though the lyrics are not hers, she seems to put all her fears, dreams, wishes and inner demons into these lyrics. “American” is a unique mix of simple strings, simple lyrics and complicated vocals. It’s a song that puts an emphasis on Lana’s wild nature but it will also be on the likes of all Americans, as it is about the American dream and about feeling proud for being an American. “You make me crazy, you make me wild,” she sings, “Just like a baby, spin me ’round like a child/ Your skin so gold and brown/ Be young, be dope, be proud/ Like an America.”

Nevertheless, this was just the warm up. The rest of the songs follow the same trend but they seem to be more intense in terms of everything that’s related to the United States. “Body Electric” is a steaming song that will make the blood rush through your veins. It’s sultry, sensual, playful and a little ironical as she sings “Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother.” “Bel Air” is a rather smoother ballad, while “Yayo” is more eccentric.

Therefore, Paradise is a glamorous EP that has all the attributes to become one of the best sold EPs of this year. Lana Del Rey’s entrancing vocals make everything be hypnotic, so if you haven’t yet bought the collection, perhaps it’s time to do it, sit on a comfy chair with a delicious cup of coffee in your hands and just uncover your ears for these magnificent songs that complement Born To Die so perfectly.

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