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Lee Hazlewood - Long Black Train lyrics

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Back when I was ten Jim was my best friend
We'd go down to the station and watched the trains come in
The long black train the long black train

Some day I told my friend we'll ride that train and then
We'll make a fortune for ourselves and we'll ride it home again
The long black train the long black train

As we grew older Jim grew wilder than the wind
He robbed the bank in our hometown and they sent me after him
On the long black train the long black train

And so I cut my friend twelve men convicted him
Ninety nine years is what he got I'll bet it seems like a hundred to Jim
He'll miss the long black train the long black train
(I guess about ever town has a girl that kinda looks better than the rest
You know kinda soft and gooey lookin' and so darn pretty
You can hardly take your eye off of her
Well we had one like that in our town of Trouble Anna Mae Stillwell
I guess she was about the best lookin' thing that's ever been raised in Trouble
I remember when she was oh bout ten or eleven years old
And she was the skinnest long legged thing
Why you wouldn't even give her a second look

Well anyway one spring Anna Mae started to blossom out
Well sir she blossomed and blossomed and blossomed
She blossomed so much that you'd've thought
Winter wasn't never gonna come again
Winter came all right and when it did we had one of the prettiest women
You'd ever want to see livin' in our town
A few years later old Bret Baker he's about twice her age I guess
He saw Anna Mae and started courtin' her
It wasn't too long before they were married
And livin' in old Bret's big huge house down by the river
Now I'll tell you the truth we all kinda envied Bret
That is until one day Bret told us that things ain't always just exactl likey they seem)
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