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 {*phone rings twice*}

Yo.. "hello 1-900-ll cool j? "

Yeah whassup? "can you please bust a funky rhyme for me? "

Yeah I can do thatcheck this one out honey

I motivateaccelerate

Devestateand dominate

I don't smoke crack so I won't lose weight

Give me the {pussy} and the money and the mic and I'm straight

Go to a resterauntgive me steak

Then cook my chicken with shake'n'bake

I leave all the preachin to reverand flake

How much money can one black man make?  huh

I'm what's known as a true dynamiter

I write rhymes fast without a typewriter

Go with the flowbut noI'm not a biter

Can't compare a cock-a-roach and a spider

Hellyou might as well get a glass of punch

Cause you're bitin my lyrics like a nestle crunchhuh

And bitin my rhymes ain't slick

I got your gold teeth marks all over my {*phone rings*}

Complications and aggravation

An unnecessary-sation

I'm like sunkistgood vibrations

Your al-blumsounds like a compilation

Cool outgrab a seat and listen..

Cause i'ma start dismissin

Sucker mc's who's out there frontin

Talkin all that yangyo you smokin somethin

Shoulda treated me royalyo he wasn't loyal

Now it's all about chaos and turmoil

.. gimme that microphone

I'ma show you the real meaning of the danger zone

{*phone rings*}

Yo.. "hello is this 1-900-ll cool j? "

Yeah whassup? "can you tell me what you do when you're coolin out? "

Yo check this out

Now when I'm coolin outno time for a granny

Just a fly girl in t-shirt and panties

"can ll {*censored*}? " mancan he? 

I tell you whatgive up the fanny

Cause on a bedroom tombj swift

Not too bigbut nothin to play with

In additionyou on a mission

You need to audition for another position

Doin damage is a crew tradition

Name your next al-blum intermission

You're full of preservatives -- plus

You're too conservative

I'm full of flairsavoir fairedebonairre

There's no competitionfor this here

So don't waste your time and breath

I'm givin you all a big f

Mc's I envelop..

.. as the song goes onthe rhyme develops

I'm asiaticacrobaticcharismatic

You don't want no static

AnywayI ain't havin it!

When I see the microphone -- I'm grabbin it

Plug it in and take charge

Ll xlxtra-large

Knowhati'msayin?  peace

{*phone rings three times*}


Hello whassup girl? 

How you doin girl? I been tryin to call you all day

Word up I was talkin to ll he was kickin some mo' hyped up rhymes to me

WordI spoke to him today too - them rhymes was pumpin

Well not to cut you short but I gotta go cause my man is here


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