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LL Cool J - 1 In The Morning lyrics

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[LL Cool J]

It's one in the mornin - you know what time it is!

It's one in the mornin

It's one in the mornin - you gonna have come out your clothes on this one

It's one in the mornin

Yeah I'm still at it, the microphone addict

You get your dome splattered, cause homey will not have it

Your ashes get scattered across the Atlantic

For actin like you a teenage chick with her bra padded

You might laugh at it, but if you do the knowledge

It's really a tad tragic how they runnin through they cabbage

You know my track record, L battle like a savage

I think and grow rich, that gives me the advantage

Uncle LL, I got product for sale

So I can bail Al Sharpton out of jail

Somebody gotta do it, somebody in the black community

gotta get this money while y'all march for unity

So march on, I'ma get my Bentley park on

Then get my dogs a platform to bark on

The realest brother, you Nicole Kidman, one of 'The Others'

Children shiverin under the covers

The man in black, the tilted Fedora hat

I'm bringin it raw, you never want your money back

I'm focused baby, livin like a quarterback

Playin in the wishbone, L keep options black

Systematically, burn you like calories

Watch your mouth, go earn your lil' salary

I'm a classic like Nike Airs and Wallabees

You could catch it like the flu, homey follow me


It's one in the mornin - flash the dough

It's one in the mornin - crack the Mo'

It's one in the mornin - get on the flo'

It's one in the mornin - who wanna go?

[LL Cool J]

That's right Sleeping Beauty, wake up see the light

That Tylenol PM got you caught for your BM

Everybody can see I'm the king of rippin coliseums

C'mon, youse a male groupie beggin for per diem

A fruitcake laid out in the masoleum

I'm the richest man in Babylon, nobody could see him

Money's my slave, it do what I say

It cry for me, like Denzel in "Glory"

But I broke the cycle, no more poverty

I wonder if you hatin on the low - probably!

But cats know I'm real, I keep 'em on they heels

Damn!  Look at my body, coulda been a Navy Seal

But you lack the discipline to do what I do

Reinvention, I'm in the 11th dimension

I'm a value stock pop, get it while it's hot

Cause once I blow, I'ma split and that's it

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[LL Cool J]

Aiyyo E it's one o'clock

Time to get one and bounce baby

It's time to get one and bounce, you know what time it is

Your honor, last week he punched me in my face

I want twenty million, you know he liftin weights

Last week, me and the President was takin flicks

Last week, my video dropped and you was sick

Last week, I copped my lil' shorty some kicks

that cost 29 hundred, homey you don't want it

My ears stay flooded like your man stay blunted

My American Express is Black, I'm at the Summit

The Benjamin Grier of Def Jam, y'all know

My po'tfolio was sicker than polio

For real God is good, he took me out the hood

Got me livin in a mansion like a big boy should

And I never do Cribs, I ain't gonna have y'all fruitcakes

knowin how I live, bed extra big

You sit around, run your mouth, POTbelly on the couch

Claimin you hot but honey what you wove out

When she alone, pump L, I make her bounce

You on the corner riskin your life to sell a ounce

Wish you was Pablo, lay in the carbo

With a chick named Margo who flew from Chicago

But no, in real life cats catch it

It's not what you expected huh?  Life kinda hectic huh?

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[LL Cool J]

Yeah yeah

It's the definition


Definition potna, eleven in a row!
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