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 "Don't you knowwwwww, don't you knowwwww.."

See this is worldwide baby

"That it's wrong.."

Germany, Italy.. France, Japan

"To take what is given.."

Many foreign lands..

Talkin bout {HA!} Queens

I'm talkin bout, Brooklyn

I'm talkin bout, Uptown

I'm talkin bout, downtown

Oh y'all with this too {HA!} Jerz!

The girl like, Strong Isle (oh they wild)

The girl like, Connecticut

Yo they get them, they need to get more shoutouts up there, word up

"To take what is given.." {HA!}

[LL Cool J]

Breaker breaker one-nine, I had a rendezvous

Pop vintage wine with this dime, hot as a barbecue {HA!}

She was young, too wild without a curfew {HA!}

Smile I hurt you, had me goin berzerk too

I'm guaranteein she'll be leanin in the coupe

Fiendin for your loot, little demon schemin for Tiffany hoops {HA!}

Yeah, her right there, Dominicans is doin her hair

The jewels and gear, it's all there, fully equipped

Body sick, she never played fair, yeah {HA!}

Far from classy, walk real nasty

Talk real sassy, why you frontin?  Come smash me

I can't do it baby-girl, your man might blast me for {HA!}

I can't die for American Pie

Hypnotized cause somebody combined thighs and lies, but it's {HA!}

No surprise, your pipe will rise

Don't bounce with her, puff a ounce with her, not wise, not with {HA!}

Papi chill, get sloppy, get killed by {HA!}

Blood streams the guillotine f'real, yeah {FA HA!}

Pop bottles with hot models and rock throttles

I guess your motto is I'm a desperado

Leave {HA!} alone, end up like Castellano

Believe me, she flap her gums like Sammy Gravano

It's easy, child barely an Italiano

But don't do it, she'll have your eight by ten on every channel


{HA!} No honey can set your body on fire like

{HA!} Make you wanna get higher and higher with

{HA!} Put your muder game down so you can buy it for

{HA!} Street dreams, you gon' hustle and retire with

{HA!} Walk in the crib, filled with desire for

{HA!} SL, the rims and the tires for

{HA!} Third strike, and all of your priors for

{HA!} Gave up your whole empire for {FA HA!}

[LL Cool J]

She do it so fluid it's hard to see through it, 'til it's too late

You wanna time travel and re-do it, but wait

You a inmate, or worse at the pearly gates

Damn, all because you and {HA!} had an early date

Close your eyes, recognize, visualize

What's the real reason you really freezin them pies, huh? {HA!}

Tan lines, strawberry oil on the thighs

Got you subconciously contemplatin suicide

Shoulda learned, remember how your man died? {HA!}

Grabbed his iron, it was time to ride for {HA!}

Multiple homicides, takin lives for {HA!}

He's dead and gone, the next man's deep inside {HA!}

Check one-two, I select a few

jewels for those of you, who are still confused

She's an obstacle, hot and tropical

Fatty so rockable, that anything's possible with {HA!}


[LL Cool J]

Cheese fantasies, dodgin the D's to please {HA!}

Livin life on a flyin trapeze to keep {HA!}

Who's the one you want? {HA!} Who you wanna flaunt? {HA!}

She haunted, but who's the only bird you ever want? {FA HA!}

Why you sell drugs? {HA!} Why you a thug? {HA!}

Why do fools always seem to fall in love with {HA!}

More advances than technology

Every day I stack chips, whether music or flicks

All these transparent cliques full of devilish politics

Wish they could take my longevity and bottle it for {HA!}

But they can't so they kill for Grants

Smuggle iron in the party, pop {ex} for hot sex with {HA!}

Love's an illusion, mental and emotional confusion

Instant gratifacation oozin

Exotic temptress, eyes just like a empress

Spilt game relentless, I had to represent Miss {HA!}

[Chorus - repeat 2X (skips at start of second repeat)]

[LL Cool J]

Yeah, oh yeah {HA!}

It's my 10th album, ha ha {HA!}

Heh, and you don't stop {HA!}

I said this my 10th album, uh-huh, oh yeah yea yea, yeah {HA!}

And you won't stop, knahmean? {HA!}

10 baby {HA!}


"To take what is given.."

We right baby, huh

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