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LL Cool J - Get Over Here lyrics

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(feat. It's Ya Girl Nicolette, Jiz, Lyrikal, Ticky Diamondz)
[Intro: LL Cool J]

Ain't nobody as hot as us

East side, west side, north side, south side

Let's ride, uh, the GOAT is now taking over the building

It's time for some of that ol', that good ol'

Yankee up north Dirty south, Yankee music

Uh, it ain't where you from, homey

It's how hot you are, Nicolette, let's -- come on

[It's Ya Girl Nicolette]

I be that, girl who straight pop from the N.Y.

Doing my thing, all day, yeah it's her

Nicolette on the track, matter fact, bring it back

Tell me what you think about her

Who you know wit a flow so loco

On a dirty south track from the N.Y. though

I be on it, I be on it, ya'll cats don't really want it

Ya'll don't want it, ya'll just fronting, homeboy, then back up off me

I'm a young fly soldier, thought I told ya, wack cats is gon' be over

I'm a supernova, controller, anything that I get I hold up

I'm a supernova, controller, anything that I get I hold up

Take it back up to the N.Y., show 'em how we do, what we do and why

Keep ballin' in our ride, driving show, I pass 'em by

You see our paper, haters hating but it's still all good

And if you looking for me, you can catch me in my hood

Just doing my thing, got the ring bling, don't get it misunderstood

Nicolette, LL, on the same track, bring it back, tell me what you

think about that

Boys trynna holla, but I ain't having that

You better have game, you better come correct

Ya Girl Nicolette, don't like lame cats

Tell me what you think about that, let's go


Love that you made money, really don't matter

If I see her from a far, this what I yell at her

Hey, over there, over there

Ho, get over here, get over here

In your club with your girls, I'm in here with my mans

Won't your girls meet my boys, we can all be friends

Hey, over there, over there

Ho, get over here, get over here

[LL Cool J]

Got to get it popping, the track is knocking, the Bentley's rocking

Overdose I'm suppose to roast 'em, with every bar I'm dropping

Every time I drop they copping, every single line I lay is locking

You a hater, boy, stop your plotting, it'll be your blood we mopping

Talk about that major flavor, keyed up, cut like a razor

Lyrically I stake and bake ya, you can see I get that paper

Wear jet black like Darth Vader, hopping out on playa haters

It's in my n-n-nature, never been a smoother operator

Switch it up, hit it up, get it up, let it up

Your girl from the back, like giddy up

How come I run, you like my son, I blow the whole god damn city up

Inside that long white milky Bentley like I just picked Diddy up

Think about that while you doubt that, you a fake mac, you can't count that

Hop all off then I bounce back, got 'em looking a wolf pack outback

I'm from where them GOAT GOAT, shout that

Ask Master P, I'm bout that

Everybody know I'm holding, in the party, pocket swollen

Rock and rolling, competition catching coals in they colon



What up ya'll, ya'll know us

Know the party ain't ill til we show up

Once we hit the scene, the chicks go nuts

Sorry if I intervene, ma, but so what

Pour more cups of the drink, cups of the guz stop

Til I'm all drunk in the place, burn the kush to the face

Making the dudes wanna hate, cuz we them new dudes in the state


Yeah, we in the club just chilling, B, yeah, baby feeling me

Feel like a barbecue, shorty keep grilling me up

In the club doing stacks where a ceiling be

Do it well, ask LL dog feeling me

Dudes not feeling me, because we walked in the door

Looking flyer than airplanes, it's not touching the floor


It do what it do, get the flow get you, and it move

The body move to the tune, yessir

DJ let it boom in the room

Shit's just there, like and now your boy here


We hot like June, gon' drop real soon let 'em know that Queens in the house

We jam ride from to the north to the side, I'm a young back, just shut

your mouth

Shut your mouth, turn it around, shake a little bit, drop down to the ground

Most of the time, don't stop or pound, before we wasn't it but be popping now

Popping now, people love us when we dropping the sound

Come to your hood, we be rocking your town

Go to the show we rocking the crowd, get gwop by the thou', wow

[Ticky Diamondz]

Come on and roll wit the kid, back to the crib

Car real fast, bed real big

Just like that, I'mma get them stacks

Got 'em screaming out, my neck, my back

Work it all night, this ain't no tease

You gonna be scarred, I'mma sweat that weave

Now you can't drive, it's too much speed

Just sit back and enjoy that breeze

In the whip today, but not tomorrow

That's the life of a superstar

Wanna be involved, better be aware

Ticky Diamondz got women everywhere

Do it on the floor, stairs to the chair

Do it on the beat, please, hands to stare

Got you on the beach, you out somewhere

Got your girl screaming that it ain't that fair

Baby come true, got enough bread

Switch to the truck, nothing more said

Kid don't play, just do clean

That's what it is, when I come from Queens

Do my lean, big black truck

Coming through like I'm moving that stuff

I just get checks, just get neck

Girls I'm afraid, running round butt nake

Gotta go, back to the grind

Back to the tracks, back to the rhymes

Burn a little haze, I let my rhyme --


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