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Ghetto Love

LL Cool J:
Damn I missed you

Damn I missed
uh, I feel better than before
We shoulda never separated
paused or hesitated
You rock me to sleep
It’s like my body levitatesd
looking in the mirror
but the heat makes it less clearer
It’s all fogged up
Face me baby
Put your fingers in my mouth
Let me taste the gravy
Feel good, real good
squeeze me
I tell you that I love you
but you wouldn’t believe me

Ghetto loving
when Im with you
Anything you want
I will do
Ghetto loving
when Im with you
Anything you want
I will do

Hello baby
There is something
that I want to say to you
You’ve been on my mind now
for a while and
I just don’t know what to do
(chorus 2)
I’ve been thinking
Of holding you(of holding you)
showing you what im all about
And I promise
that I will do
Everything you
want without a doubt


I know that we
had our share of ups and downs
but that’s in the past
If you promise to hold to hold me down
then our love will have a second chance to last(to last)

(Chorus 2)


LL Cool J:
Forget the past
We like Bonnie and Clide from now on
Back to back
through the ups and downs
right or wrong
lay down
let me kiss you all down your back
gonna go further now
swirl my tongue around
I apologize too
for not recognizing the pain inside of you
I’d never lie to you, again
last time, had stress on my mind
Had a hard time believing
that my girl could be genuine
It’s different now
we ghetto lovers for real
I grab the wheel
you hold the steel
teach me how to touch you
where you like it the most
From now on
til will give up the ghost
Reuntied baby


fades out
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