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LL Cool J - Hello lyrics

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Hello, hello (yo, yo) {*repeat 6X*}
Call me on the telephone..

[LL Cool J]
Whether, 2-1-2, or 7-1-8
Or 9-1-4, I love it hardcore
When it`s over the phone, it`s safe to do it raw
Imaginary worlds we could both explore
(Hello) Baby what you wearin right now?
(Hot pants) My girl ain`t around, let`s get down
And I hope the phone`s tapped, let`s pretend you on my lap
(I`m bouncin up and down with my shoulders back)
(Nigga you like that?) You see I`m runnin up my bill
Momma might hear me, but you just too ill
I got your flicks lined up, stereo low
Cherry flavored grease beneath my elbow
If I was there what would you do? (I`d lay you on your back)
(Ride or die daddy, and I love it like that)


[LL Cool J]
You the freak of my dreams, the reason that I keep on baggy jeans
(Oooh, I love me a nigga from killer Queens)
(I`ma rub up on your muscles, ride `til I`m sweatin it)
(I bet you I can make you cum first) Throw the bets in
I`m a nasty nigga, made to order
Kiss below the border with a warm glass of water
Is you wit me? (Yeah) Tell me how it taste
I promise I`ll keep the telephone right in my face
How it feel? (Feels good) Where you at? (In the hood)
(Talkin on the phone like a good girl should)
(To my nig`, baby I`ma reach my peak)
Strawberry shortcake, good enough to eat
(And I taste mad sweet) We big freaks
Blastin off on the phone seven days a week


[LL Cool J]
I throw sugar in the water so the ice tastes sweet
to make sure your ex-man can`t compete
Shower curtain on the bed, warm baby oil
G-string sittin like a snake in a coil
(Hold on, I think somebody on the other line)
Interrupt this nut I`ma bust, you out your mind
Lay back, imagine us chest to chest
Tongue-kissin deep while we spark a sess
(Everything is crazy, L do it the best)
Ridin rough baby, put my pipe to the test
(On the telephone?) Yeah, this is the ill zone
I wanna make you moan until it`s a dial tone (*BOOOOO*)
However you want it baby, I`m raw to the bone
Three (three) two (two) one (one) telephone


[LL Cool J]
Yeah, yeah, knamsayin? Word up, that`s what I`m talkin about
All you gotta do is hit me, word, I`ll call you right back
Yeah.. (??) move this out
Hahaha, what you want me right now
You gon` make me crash or somethin, hehehe, word up
Uhh, uhh
It`s that real shit
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Author: Bernard Edwards, Denzil Miller, George Spivey, James Todd Smith

Composer: ?

Publisher: Island Def Jam Music Group


Released in: 2000

Language: English

Appearing on: G.O.A.T. (2000)

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