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Hit that nigga, man, fuck these niggas

Straight up, all y'all niggas

[LL Cool J]

Yo, Yo

[Chorus: Prodigy]

Queens got the vets *click*)

(Killa Queens, killa killa Queens {Q-U})

Queens be the best *click* {Yo}

(Killa Queens, killa killa Queens {Q-U})

Queens take ya heads {Yo} *click* {Yo}

(Killa Queens, killa killa Queens {Q-U})

Queens be the vets {Yo} *click* {Yo}

(Killa Queens, killa killa Queens)

[Verse 1: LL Cool J]

Uhh, Yeah, Yeah, Uh huh, 'Cord this shit

'Cuz I'm bout to practice this shit

I'm here to crack ya cat's skulls open

Fuck ya head up, more than that bullshit ya smokin'

Niggas buzz you in the door, but I blew it open

Ya rhymes is trash, that verse aint worth the token

Try to hop this, monotonous, murderous thoughts

When I'm plottin this, overthrow the government

Burn the whole metropolis

Lyrical warfare, hip-hip apocalypse

Strap devils to the chairs

Start shockin shit, Q U, I chew through

We could battle in the projects and give or take the clue

Flex could take one, too

The wait, I'm supplyin'

My crew pop they iron from ?HTM? to the peaks of Mount Zion

I'm ready for the showdown

Mention my name, cowboy, watch it go down

I blow through your clique like hurricane Floyd

Keep rappers paranoid, kept your bodies in the game

Is something I can't avoid

Shit get tricky like Zigfried and Roy

I seek and destroy


[Verse 2: LL Cool J]

Uhh, turn me up a little

I'm a blaze yall niggas and represent queens

Run up in ya cribs, fill ya tubs qwith gasoline

Smash ya plaques, tie ya arms back

What's ya worse nightmare, Black? I'm beyond that

The mic how I strike it, got 'em dialin' psychics

Roll with minds, don't give a fuck if you don't like it

With niggas that's invited without recited ignited

It burn madd slow and that's why - easy to light it

Me and the ghettos reunited, all the broads is excited

Your ass looks stupid tryna fight it

You wanna get your ass smacked up

So you can dig into the stash that I stacked up

But when my Queens niggas flashed, then you backed up

Keep my dogs fed, so they can shit when niggas act up

It's the L nigga dot com, dot hot lead red dot on your head, Be

And the rappers you idolized, that idolized me

I walk in the spot, niggas part like the Red Sea

And Todd sharper horrors, we battle to the death

Tonight there's no tomorrow

I'm out for revenege, like rebels in Nicaragua

But I can take it farther

Travel back in time, fill ya baby bottle with lava


[Verse 3: Prodigy]

Fucker, yo, aiyyo

This is how we put it down, this is Veteran's Day

We work hard so we can play hard and push them big things

Persistant, we keep comin' like some nigs

Droppin albums, every few years we rich

We the best, we the vets

We do this for the love, we thirst for that street shit

It's P, nigga, check my record, it's flawless

Do the knowledge to the chorus

Yeah ya fuckin' right

While I was raised on my fuckin' life

I did my time on them corners, now I lead the fuckin' life

Large dollars, guns and ice

Is nothin' you know my weight and the price of it

You know how the Q dogs do cousin

We don't follow trends, we set those, so get up on it

(So get up on it)



[Chorus till fade - no background]

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