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LL Cool J - Whatcha Hood Like lyrics

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Got 'em swaggin' daddy


[Hook x2: Lil' Scrappy (Girl)]

(Hey nigga whatcha hood like?)

My money comes, money goes

But it's alright, right

In the club stay crunk right

Drama pop it pop the trunk

Get the punk right, ride

I am did, most incredible

I ain't disrespect, and just spittin' my track records

[Verse 1:]

Way before 'Pac and Big, I did it big,

Way before Hova, L'y was a Casanova,

Way before Nas, I held my first menage

Way before T.I., I told 'em how the be fly

Way before Nelly, I was up in the telly

Before JD, I was jigglin' baby

Before Lil' Jon, I put the South on

Before Ludacris, ya boy was doin' this

Before Snoop Dogg, I put rabbits in the morgue

Before Dr. Dre, I was out in L.A.

Before 50 Cent, I was sittin' on Enz

When Young Buck ride in the five-sixty Benz


I be doin' this for a long time

And I'm tired to gettin' money

On second four

[Verse 2:]

Before Master P, I was bout it bout it be

Before Cash Money, I really stash money

Before DMX, I was wild on a sec

Momma say knock 'em out Ralim on a dec

Before Wu-Tang, I was the new thang

I whisper the shorty ear before Ying Yang

Before Mobb Deep, I am choc it with the beat

Years before Busta, had my first customer

I was little L, before Big L

Before E-40, my nigs shit was naughty

Before Diddy, on my whips is pretty

Lil' ride nigga from Queens runnin' through the silly


But I can't talk to grazy

Gotta keep it real

You know?

[Verse 3:]

Grandmaster was Flash in way before cash thang

Ya man Ben bottom in the park jams at her

Ya man Helli Hell couldn't go outside

When ya boy Meli Mel ain't a pimped alright [?]

Way before me, Curtis blow stack doe

He rule the world, I was on the front raw

Run DMC show me what I wanna be

I got kicked up studio by Kool Moe Dee

The coat cross four in the tretch terrastry [?]

Give a damn bout a snatty's nose kid like me [?]

Hoodini the fat boys know that [?]

I hit 'em on a jack niggaz never call back



I want to dedicate the song

To everybody who came before me

And everybody that they came after me

If I ain't matchin' you

Blame it on a head not the heart

This is real

LL Cool J in the building baby

Hey yo 50

You know you're my favorite gangsta right


Yeah we gettin' this

Just keep gettin' money baby

Hip hop for life you heard me?

My name is LL Cool J!

Better known is the truth

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