Mad Skillz (Skillz)

Mad Skillz (Skillz) - Va In The House

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It's time to bring it down  don't front on the sound
 Check your thunderpound  it be Skillz blowing up from the underground
 Now  don't waste your time and try to taste mine
 I'm killing MC's and going low key like baselines
 Be hesitant  VA residents ain't friendly
 Diss and I'll walk on your back like Mr. Benny
 When my shit drop  all this wack shit'll stop
 Till Janet stops  rockin' Planet Rock
 Keepin' it real hot
 I specialize in microphone satisfaction
 Hackin' MC's who think Skillz be relaxin'
 Straight from punchline ave, metaphor metropolis
 I'm shockin' MC's like seeing their grandmothers topless
 Watch this, check for my sequal
 I make raps and niggas vanish like the Village People
 Hey, you checkin' for me check ?round my way
 They say Skillz don't play when he's representin' VA

 chorus 4x: [Mad Skillz]
 Virginia's in the house [I said it]
 V-A [so what you gotta say?]

 verse two: Mad Skillz

 Yo, niggas get pissed, MC's cease to exist
 As I persist, to drill mics and fill glock clips
 Don't sleep, like Mobb Deep, I'm leaving brothers shook
 While you debatin' I'm urinatin' on your rap book
 I be Skillz see, the ill East Coast MC
 All my peeps down in VA, this one's for you B
 So don't give me nothin' I'm takin' my props
 And I ain't stoppin' till my face is on the side of a lunchbox
 The wack fold, ?cause they been told
 Their rhymes used to be worth something like Mr. T's gold
 Now I'm in, so watch me Kline like Calvin
 I'm the Dread Man, you fucked up by lettin' me make an album (huh)
 The outcome is ill, when I grip the steel
 Don't be mad at me (why?), if you ain't got no skill
 No questions, no second guessin' without a doubt
 Niggas know my name and they know who's in the house

 chorus 4x

 verse three: Mad Skillz

 Is VA up in here? (HELL YEAH!!!)
 Then here's a jam for you to spread across the state like welfare
 I'm a special dread, that still be tactics
 Doing MC's anytime, anyplace like Janet Jackson
 It ain't about dirt roads and corn bread
 Niggas be MC'ing, G'ing, war deeds and dread
 After this pack it up, I'll tell you my plan
 I'm on a VA tour with Kalonji my man
 Check it, hittin' city to city like a horny trucker
 This year, it's East Coast like a motherfucker
 Misconceptions are coming back like reflections
 Niggas who dissed, are now checkin' for my section
 They wanna be down, they makes me laugh
 That's like Brandy gettin' dropped and then you askin' for her autograph
 You know the steelo and Skillz be in ya
 It's just like that, nigga Virginia

 chorus 4x
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