Obscure Disorder

Obscure Disorder - Last Call

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Yo  yo
 Within a certain mile radius
 The unknown violence contagous
 Can't be contained and trapped like many pigs inside cages
 See the  world like I see it is devided like the sea is
 The faces of folls(?) and scrolls
 Temperature screams and thongs shatters your perero(?)
 Even hoes bigger than the square mile
 The prices explodes like missiles  hitting the brissel
 Breach the cold case when I whistle
 The evidence is face to face, in case you fucking with disservable greats
 Race wars unravel, undercover pineapples
 Shadow rolling in throttle with the pedal to the metal, fly away
 Like 13 Apollos when I refer to space shuttle
 Incoming savages putting in damages on niggas like a scavenger hunt
 Bllod, like shedding marriages, thight fit
 Like cheese managers, I know the gun talk but speak silencers
 Plus charges and never minuses
 To let you know, just spreading knowledge
 Loyal like carriages, added to violent style
 Is like the postal work travellers striking on services
 Gun in they hand, turn murderous
 Get the picture, or image on the Kodak frame
 ** CHORUS overlaps last line, can't make it out **

 "I still rock it and rock well" (scratched by DJ A-Trak)

 "Rock well, well, well"
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Audio Research Records


Released in: 2018

Language: English

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