Obscure Disorder

Obscure Disorder - Lyrically Exposed Part One

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Yeah  yeah  huh
 Yeah  yeah Logik  O.D. representative
 Obscure Disorder  Lyrically Exposed

 Let me grab the tools and drop jewels like a knocked out gold tooth
 Never theoretics  I'm spitting out proof
 Of obscure clicks coming through all of these masses
 Bouncing off the air waves  call me radioactive
 My actions  penetrate minds like psychotherapists
 I freak my syllables, then I'm psycho the rapist
 Take this because I strip your memory banks like amnesia
 I make this shit go off, call me milk of magnesia
 I stand like the mic and remain on the scene
 I bust like masturbation, dehydrate all your wet dreams
 Of freaking the funk, and any of your BS thought
 Like a mini-series, I sent that ass back into parts (and hearts)
 MCs are getting shattered like lenses
 Your ends is spent, decode the benz
 Now Duke where your friends at
 Black you caught up like LL is getting hot
 Fuck the player status, you keep falling like mug shot

 "Lyrically I'm supposed to represent"
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