Neoceltic pagan folk band formed in 1996.

Omnia performs mainly their own compositions, but it also sets to music poetry and play scenes, like the Raven by E. A. Poe or the Witch scene from Shakespeare's "Macbeth".

The band draws from various musical traditions, mainly from Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany and Afghanistan. They sing in English, Irish, Breton, Finnish, German, Latin, Welsh and Hindi and use only acoustic instruments from various cultures.

Omnia has performed at numeral festivals in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Members - present

Steve "Sic" Evans van der Harten - lead vocals, double flute, overtone flute, whistle, bouzouki, darbukka, dombek, davul, mouth harp
Jennifer "Jenny" Evans van der Harten -lead vocals, Celtic Tall Harp, Piano, Hurdy gurdy, Bodhrán, Hammered Dulcimer
Philip Steenbergen - acoustic guitar, DADGAD guitar
Daphyd "Crow" Sens - slideridoo, didgeridoo, mouth harp, vocals
Rob "Raido" van Barschot - drums and percussion

Members - previous

Noel "Caicus" Franken - percussion
Misja "Barca" van Laatum - vocals, percussion
Joyce "Gaudia" Hellendoorn - vocals, flute and percussion
Saskia "Zaza" van Koningsbrugge - dance, percussion
Louis "Luka" Aubri - swordplay, didgeridoo, vocals, percussion
Mirjam "Ursula" van den Boogaard - percussion
Nico "Caligula" - percussion
Angela ""Thalia" - dance
Mark "Argus" van den Broek - acrobatics and juggling
Renee "Gaius" van de Schuur - swordplay
Tijn "Timor" Rams - swordplay
Floris "Florissimo" Pasma - juggling and fire
Ben "Kleine Ben" van Koert - percussion
Susanne Ruhling - vocals, dance, percussion
Michel "Mich" Rozek - drums
Joost "Yoast" van Es - guitar, violin
Tom "Tommy" Spaan - drums and percussion
Joseph "Joe" Hennon - DADGAD guitar
Maral Haggimoni - vocals, dance, percussion


Sine Missione, recorded 1998, released 2000
Sine Missione II, 2002
3, 2003
Crone of War, 2004
Live Religion, 2005
PaganFolk, 2006, PaganScum records)
Alive!, 2007
PaganFolk at the Fairy Ball, 2008
Wolf Love, 2010
Musick and Poëtree, 2011
Live on Earth, 2012

Compilations and remixes

Cybershaman, 2007
History, 2007 (available solely in the USA)
World of Omnia, 2009

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