Raekwon The Chef

Raekwon The Chef - Incarcerated Scarfaces

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He looks determined without being ruthless
 Something heroic in this man  there's a courage about him
 Doesn't look like a killer
 Comes across so calm  acts like he has a dream
 Full of passion

 You don't trust me huh?
 Well you know why
 I do  we're not supposed to trust anyone in our profession anyway

 Intro Two: Raekwon the Chef

 Knock niggaz out the box all the time
 Bitches on my motherfuckin records Pah
 Big ones, yeah, big fuckers
 Straight up, fuck your whole team
 Yeah bust it
 Yo, yo, fly G.I. niggaz

 Chorus: Raekwon the Chef

 Now yo yo, whattup yo, time is runnin out
 It's for real though, let's connect politic - ditto!
 We could trade places, get lifted in the staircases
 Word up, peace incarcerated scarfaces

 Verse One: Raekwon the Chef

 Thug related style attract millions
 Fans, they understand my plan
 Who's the kid up in the green Land?
 Me and the RZA connect, blow a fuse, you lose
 Half-ass crews get demolished and bruised
 Fake be frontin, hourglass heads niggaz be wantin
 Shuttin down your slot; time for pumpin
 Poisonous sting which thumps up and act chumps
 Raise a heavy generator
 But yo, guess who's the black Trump?
 Dough be flowin by the hour's
 Wu, we got the collars, scholars
 Word life, peace to power and my whole unit
 Word up! Quick to set it, don't wet it
 Real niggas lick shots, peace kinetic


 Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef

 Chef'll shine like marble, rhyme remarkable
 Real niggaz raise up, spend your money, argue
 But this time is for the uninvited
 Go head and rhyme to it, big nigga mics is gettin fired
 Morphine chicks be burnin like chlorine
 Niggaz recognize from here to Baltimore to Fort Greene
 But hold up, Moet be tastin like throw-up
 My mob roll up, dripped to death whips rolled up
 Ya never had no wins, slidin in these dens wit Timbs
 Wit Mac-10's and broke friends
 Ya got guns, got guns too, what up son, do
 you wanna battle for cash and see who Sun too?
 I probably wax, tax, smack rap niggaz who fax
 niggaz lyrics is wack nigga
 Can't stand unofficial, wet tissue, blank bustin Scud missles
 You rollin like Trump, you get your meat lumped
 For real, it's just slang rap democracy
 Here's the policy, slide off the ring, plus the Wallabees
 Check the status, soon to see me at
 Caesar's Palace eatin salads
 We beatin mics and the keys to Dallas
 I move rhymes like retail, make sure shit sell
 From where we at to my man's cell
 From staircase to stage, minimun wage
 But soon to get a article in RapPage
 But all I need is my house, my gat, my Ac
 Bank account fat - it's goin' down like that
 And pardon the French but let me speak Italian
 Black Stallion, dwellin on Shaolin
 That means the island of Staten
 And niggaz carry gats and mad police from Manhattan


 Verse Three: Raekwon the Chef

 I do this for barber shop niggaz in the Plaza
 Catchin asthma, Rae is stickin gun-flashers
 Well-dressed, skatin through the projects wit big ones
 Broke elevators, turn the lights out, stick one
 upstairs, swithc like a chameleon
 Hip Brazilians, pass the cash or leave your children
 Leave the buildin
 Niggas, yo they be foldin' like envelopes under pressure
 Like Lou Farigno on coke
 Yo, Africans denyin niggaz up in yellow cabs
 Musty like funk, wavin they arms, the Arabs
 Sit back, coolin like Kahlua's on rocks
 On the crack spots, rubberband wrapped on my knots
 You bitches who fuck dreds on Sudafeds
 Pussy's hurtin, they did it for a yard for the Feds
 Word up cousin, nigga, I seen it
 Like a 27-inch Zenith - believe it!


 ...politic ditto
 ...get lifted in the staircases
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