Raekwon The Chef

Raekwon The Chef - Knowledge God

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*sniff* *drumbeat* *long sniff*
 Plug  *sniff* word yo
 *snort* word yo  *s snort* YouknowhatI'msayin?
 *sniff* You know  you know we had the baddest motherfuckin
 *long sniff* unit back in the days  kid!
 No doubt  no doubt  I know that Son  I know that
 You know that  you know what I'm sayin?
 I miss all my niggaz  though  believe me
 And I'll never forget none of them
 Word up, word up
 Stovetop, Roofside, you know what I'm sayin
 I had these motherfuckin, all these wild-ass niggaz man
 You know what I'm sayin, LB?
 Yeah yeah yeah yeah
 Shit is wild overall, youknowhatI'msayin God?
 Yeah yeah yeah yeah
 Word up, youknowhatI'msayin?
 You know how we do, word up
 So you let my shit go on the count of three, though

 Verse One: Raekwon

 Fake niggaz throw shit in they drinks
 Club nights we snatch linx politic, Africans and chinks
 While World of Sport niggaz snort coke by the seconds
 Niggaz projects filled with fiends injectin
 Morphine, the God seen more CREAM, and upstate
 Cousin Reek, almost got hit with fourteen
 Chill Pah, the God'll be a Star when you come home
 Light bones and let you rock my 3G stone
 So, see cousin, yo I was workin, cats I'm jerkin
 And uptown these niggaz actin like they hurtin
 Keys twenty-four a brick
 Columbians be on some bullshit, that's why Poppy got hit
 Stay tuned, word up, I hope to see you in June
 By the way, I seen your bitch, she was up in this cat's room
 Skeyed up, weed the fuck up, to top it off
 look beat up, with two crack fiends huggin your seed up
 I took care of that, though, but don't worry bout it
 I got your back though

 Chorus: Raekwon

 Yo why's my niggas always yellin that broke shit
 Let's get money Son, now you wanna smoke shit
 Chill God, yo the Son don't chill Allah
 What's today's mathematic Son? Knowledge God

 Verse Two: Raekwon

 Fly like cashmere, last year, my team caught bodies in Gravesmere
 Hit a store owner named Mike Lavonia
 Italiano, slanted-eyed bangin them fat Milano
 Selling coke right out the bottle
 Sometime, a nigga brought nines to test with minds
 Crazy peace, buying keys in Greece
 Was a rich nigga, picture the nigga without dope figures
 Condo with his chick, rockin the gold vigor
 Mafia flicks, tyin up tricks was his main hobby
 Teachin his seed, Wu-Tang karate
 Mixin drinks in clubs, hairy chest with many minks
 Night time rollin with spics
 Extra live, he claimed he couldn't die, top rank
 Took sixteen shots in his fist to bank
 And his pet piranha, he named him marijuana
 Smokin ganja, callin his weed paisandra
 Claimin New York was ancient Babylon
 Where the sky stayed the color of grey, like her-on
 I can't front though, truck loads of indo
 Soon to blow slow, his ass is out now, tally-hoe

 Chorus 2X

 Outro: Raekwon

 Yeah uh huh, uh huh, Miami niggaz
 Word up, show your love
 Yeah y'all, yeah y'all, yeah
 Word up, London, Europe, Africa
 Word up, the fifty-two states, yeah
 Catch me later, word up, yeah, yeah
 About to make moves and slide like grease
 Moves and slide like grease
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