Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine - Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium

Rage Against the Machine - Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium

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Published by: Epic Records

Published in: 2003

Release type: Live Recording

About this Album:

This live album documents the final RATM concert at grand olympic auditorium in 2001. They do all their hits from Bulls on Pardade to Testify to Know Your Enemy

I havent heard that many live albums, but I know this one is awesome. Great bands always sound better when its just them and the audience. My favorites on this album are Bulls on Parade and Testify.

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Saturday 29th of May 2004 17:09

Zack De La Rocha- Vocals
Tim Commerford- Bass
Brad wilk- Drums
Tom Morello- Guitars

(1) Bulls on parade
(2) Bullet in the head
(3) Born of a broken man
(4) Killing in the name
(5) Calm like a bomb
(6) Testify
(7) Bombtrack
(8) War within a breath
(9) I'm Housin
(10)Sleep now in the fire
(11)People of the sun
(12)Guerrilla Radio
(13)Kick out the jams (14)Know your enemy
(15)No shelter
Style- Rap-metal

Length- 71 min. 11 seconds
This is NOT a studio album

This c.d, A recording of this GREAT band's very last concert together is a must have for any RATM fan

Excellent choice of songs for this concert in my opinion ( I am a very big MC5 fan so I enjoy kick out the jams) all of them are politically charged( as usual)

The only downside of this album in the amount of time they take on the album where it's only the fans cheering, I mean setting the mood is good......but there is only so much mood you can get from crazed fans screaming at four guys

All in all a very worth while album for anyone who likes this band.....if your new to RATM I would recommend buying a studio album just because this c.d doesn't have the sound quality of a studio album