Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against The Machine

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Published by: Sony

Published in: 1992

Release type: Full CD

About this Album:

Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine

Style - Rap Metal

1. Bombtrack

2. Killing in the Name of

3. Take the power back

4. Settle for Nothing

5. Bullet in the Head

6. Know your Enemy

7. Wake Up

8. Fistfull of Steel

9. Township Rebellion

10. Freedom

Zack De la Rocha - Vocals

Tom Morello - Guitarist

Tim Commerford - Bass

Brad Wilk - Drums

This is Rage Agaisnt the Machine's best and most focused album. Aside from Settle for Nothing and to a lesser extent Fistfull of Steel, R.A.T.M. keeps the songs moving with a fast pace and intelligent lyrics. I enjoy every song, but, unlike many bands, for different reasons. The only problem is that these songs are all very long, and it will probably take you two sittings to listen to the whole thing.

Songs in order of liking

1. Bombtrack (My favorite Rage all time, great intro uses the bass very well)

2. Take the Power back (changing the tempo is always a good idea)

3. Wake Up (Nice use of the delay pedal, and puts a focus on Zack's freestyling)

4. Know your Enemy (Nice use of effects and great contribution from Maynard)

5. Freedom (Zack hit's the high notes for the intro, and Morello changes the tempo dramatically)

6. Killing in the Name Of (I like the guitar, but I really like it when Zack goes nuts in songs like Bombtrack and Know your Enemy)

7. Township Rebellion (I like this song a lot, but the lyrics aren't as imaginative as some of the others. This is also a realllly great album)

8. Bullet in the Head (Again, nice use of bass, but a little slow)

9. Fistfull of Steel (Seemed kind of like a throw in track. Poetic lyrics though)

10. Settle for Nothing (It's an alright song, but it's to slow and drags a lot)

Zack - A very angry poetic rapper, he supposedly wrote 60% of all their music and it shows whenever he's rapping.

Morello - The White Hendrix, an incredible technical guitarist who begins to explore the wonderful world of effects and distortion.

Tim - Knows how to play the bass, and is allowed to show it.

Brad - I'm not a big fan, but he keeps the pace pretty well.

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