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And this is how we run it down the line
 E-Swift is second, I'm first to rhyme
 The bottle's half full, is it yours or mine
 Get a cup and we can get drunk, at the same time
 Put on your good clothes, when I come around
 I'm all the way down like the brown brown I be kickin
 up in my town pickin up another pound for the weigh in
 The Earth is a great place to visit but I ain't stayin
 Don't stop like brakes to the metal
 I brush my teeth with Amaretto (say what?)
 I got that Operation PUSH, move from in front of me
 I be the first rapper PMD seen, livin comfortably
 In forty-eight states, light the board
 I kick that kind of shit yo' ass can't afford
 cause you broke, you need to go for a smoke
 and think about ya problems while you toke (ha ha)
 Who you tellin, we did more shows than Aaron Spelling
 Leavin Las Vegas likwid funk is what you smellin
 This is the track that broke your moms back
 I was on the dancefloor I heard it crack, do you like it?
 Chorus: Alkaholiks
 "Yeah" we bout to put it down like this aight? "Aight!"
 "This is Likwidation from the West, one two"
 "Yeah" we bout to fuck it up like this aight? "Aight!"
 "Likwidation one two"
 "Yeah" we bout to Likwidate the whole world aight? "Aight!"
 "Likwidation one two"
 "Yeah" the music get you drunk like this aight? "Aight!"
 "Likwidation from the West"
 Verse Two: E-Swift
 Sometimes I rhyme drunk, sometimes I rhyme sober (yeah)
 I never need no gimmicks and shit, to get me over
 Just a couple crates to rock all fifty states
 and overseas, nigga please, this is Likwid MC's (and they drunk)
 Comin up like a feature presentation
 while my Likwidation Liks be wettin the nation
 On the two turntables I would say I'm nice
 Destroy any mic device precise like Glen Rice
 Prepare for the storm everytime we perform
 We be the most inebriated MC's, ever born
 that leave your speakers torn, it's Tha Liks
 Everything we Liks is a classic, your shit sound plastic
 Me bein wack is like no Latins in Manhattan
 It just won't happen, long as E-Swift is rappin
 So while y'all waitin for my crew to fall
 I'll be chartin number one sayin fuck alla y'all
 (Do you like it?)
 Verse Three: Tash, J-Ro
 So while the MC's persist to try to bust like this
 I'm so slick I drop the mic and jump back and kiss my wrist
 Cause I mix words and match em, I chase words and catch em
 The A in Alkaholiks stands for All About the Action
 And that's the whole attraction to skip to my shit
 Rock the mic in my palm beyond ad-e-quate
 Shit split with the cheese and the H-O-E's
 The ones I only call at night *keys jangling* you know my low keys
 while downin Olde E's with the Likwid MC's
 The crew that takes the party higher than the flyin trapeze
 Then drops ya to the Earth without no safety net to catch ya
 All y'all can say is Likwid wrecked ya, so let the
 good times roll, pass the glass and the Remi
 To the nigga that's been rockin since Heavy D was skinny
 And we can show ya how we run it down the line
 (Xzibit: So how the fuck ya feelin Tash?) I'm feelin fine
 But don't play me closely, just pass me that Olde E
 and I'ma hit that shit and pass it down to Easy Mo Bee
 Not askin you to show me, I'm tellin you to show me
 The you know what, before I fuck shit up
 Cause I'm CaTash the top gunner here to blow your ED
 So you can see what I'm saying like Enhanced CD's
 So if y'all niggaz want the bomb press Tash Dot Com
 and I'ma pop up on your screen with the beer in palm
 And this is how we run it down the line
 Tash came third, I was first to rhyme
 Mo Bee Easy on the tracks that make you break your spine
 Likwidation in your mouth one time, can you feel it?
 Chorus (without words except J-Ro saying 'Likwidation')
 Alkaholiks, yeah, the last hip-hop group left
 Do you like it?
 Easy Mo, Alkaholiks
 West coast...
 *E-Swift cutting and scratching
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