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Wade Hayes - The Day She Left Tulsa guitar chord

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Date:  Revised March 25, 1998 Revised March 31, 1998
Album: When The Wrong One Loves You Right
Written by:
Note: Here's some of the folks that help me out on this song with the
artist's name, the title of the song, and album.  Dee Mussleman, Jeremy D
Henson, Jeremy Henson, (two different Jeremys) Dusty,
Rodney Lipps, Adam Lenhart, Tracy Switzer and thanks to all that replied
after I sent this song to COWPIE. If you hate this key, you can ignore the
sharps.  The F#m becomes an Em.  If you want to play along with the
recording, capo the 1st fret and ignore the sharps.  Thanks to Autumn
McEntire and another male musician for prompting the revision of this song.
If you are the male musician, please email me so I can put your name here.
Thanks to  for the following correction.  In the
song the girl is pregnant.  So the second verse has been changed.

The Day That She Left Tulsa (In A Chevy)      Wade Hayes

G#            D#                     C#
   We were a half mile high on the Ferris wheel
at our old County Fair
D#                          C#
I didn't even know we had trouble until
Until she told me way up there
        F#m                    C#
That's when my life started spinning 'round
    F#m                         A#
My world came crashing to the ground
    C#                 D#
The Day that she left Tulsa

In a Chevy in a hurry in a pouring down rain
Where the caution lights flashing in the passing lane
         C#                                        D#
From a bridge I watched our dreams going down the drain
      C#                     D#          G#   1.) D# C# G#  2.) G#
In a Chevy in a hurry in a pouring down rain
   ENDING: repeat the last line of the chorus, 3 times

G# D#              C#                                       G#
   No she wasn't showing yet But she'd be by Christmas time
    D#               C#                         D#
Up there like a fool I took for granted it was mine.
      F#m                           C#
She never came out and told me that I was wrong
     F#m                           A#
But all of a sudden the light came on
     C#                D#
The day that she left Tulsa

got to chorus
C#                       Fm                  G#
I guess she thought the truth would end up driving me away
               C#                                D#
Well she was wrong but I never had the chance to say
    C#            D#
The day she left Tulsa, go to chorus, ending,
In a Chevy, in a hurry, in a pouring down rain
In a Chevy, in a hurry, in a pouring down rain, go to chorus

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