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Date: Tuesday, April 28, 1998 1:38 PM
Subject: Wade Hayes

 WHEN THE WRONG ONE LOVES YOU RIGHT written by:Leslie Satcher
          performed by Wade Hayes on"When the Wrong one Loves You Right"
            E                      A
1.They all said she was wrong for me
              B                        E
  Her tender words were not what they seemed
                 E                 A
  But Lord it's hard puttin' up a fight
             B        A         E
  When the wrong one loves you right

2.It's easy to fall and easy to crawl
  When you taste a little and you want it all
  You close your eyes and hold on tight
  When the wrong one loves you right

                      E                 A
C.But take it from a fool who lost his cool
                B                       E
  That girl's tricks sent me back to school
  A                    E
  It messes with your heart
  A                    E
  It messes with your mind
             B        A         E
  When the wrong one loves you right

3.Now boys I'm certain it just ain't worth it
  All that cryin' and all that hurtin'
  And it's so hard to say goodbye
  When the wrong one love's you right

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