3-d - Crushin' &; Bussin' songtekst

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[Verse 1]


I'm on your mind in what you say and in your mind in what you think

Your mic don't work cos I'm also a jinx

I'm your worsest nightmare, your truest reality

With a touch of mystery, you know who it's gotta be

The sinister head minister, sinister head minister,

No, I got to rock, Chuck Nice on the box

I'm the sinister head minister, risin' over top of ya

My posse's shootin' up your system like the Mafia

And when the smoke clears you seem to disappear

Automatically fillin' your heart with fear

My personality inflicted much pain

To the point where you're faintin' when you hear my name

I'm not bad, nor out to kill

Just comin' down with a bad case of gettin' ill

And for real there is no reason

It ain't even the season

Right now it's chilly chill time

Lay back, relax to my rhyme

If you lack the knack then you're phony

This jam is for the Hustlers only

The issue (Damn!) is how I'm gonna get you

You chose me, sucker, I didn't choose you

You try to bust with your kiddy-hop groove

Yo dude, straight up, that was a dummy move

If you were in a battle, should've rocked it right

But you had to go say some loony lines on the mic

I never argue or holler, never fussin' or cussin'

The music stays dustin'...while I'm crushin' and bussin'

[Verse 2]

[Cool C]

Cool C, I'm not here to play

I'm just here with somethin' to say

About the crew 3-D

Chuck Nice, Woody Wood and E.S.T

They're down with the Hilltop band

And I'm a hustler with the mic in my hand

Out to rock MC's

With the style to make you weak at your knees

Devastatin', rhyme creatin'

Treacherous, and I'm not fakin'

On the mic to do what's right

Certified by C, so don't bite

If you do, you'll hang by my rope

You can't cope (Why?) cos man, it's just dope

I never argue, I'm never fussin'

You know why? I'm crushin' and bussin'

[Verse 3]


Now, if me and you battle, when you win you're number one

(But what?) But if you lose, you're done

Rock bottom's where you'll stay for the remainder

As I get known as World's Hottest Entertainer

Bustin' out with the right style

My unique figure of speech makes you listen a while

To word pauses, harmonises, and party phrases

Beat breaks in just the right places

To make you feel real when you hear it playin'

Go around singin' all my hit sayings

MC's from miles around

Check out the radio because I'm on the countdown

You're outdated, you've just begun

You're a jack of all trades and a master of none

I never argue or holler, never fussin' or cussin'

The music stays dustin'...when I'm crushin' and bussin
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