504 Boyz

504 Boyz - Intro songtekst

Je score:
Master p: yo silk where you at nigga?
Silk the Shocker: I"m right here nigga whas' happenin'?
Master p: Nigga they be some bustaz that be after us, ya heard
Mystikal: Say nigga what you mean bustaz?
Master p: Man nigga these bustaz tryina hate us and shit
Mystikal: Shit, nigga we'll take they asses out
Master p: Nigga you know it

Rap 1(Master p)
Yo i aint gon' let no busta jump me
ima knock his ass on tha floot before he can plead
that nigga gonna hit so bad he gon' bleed
shit yall niggaz best beleive me

uh huh
hell yeah 504 is here
bustin up niggaz that dont give a fuck
bustin up niggaz that wont give it up

(Silk the Shocker)
nigga i had to put up wit this shit before
and shit nigga this fuckin bullshit aint gon happen no more
i beat yo motherfuckin ass you whore
so dont kock at my motherfuckin door

(lil romeo)
romeo right here
them bustaz actin queer
when i break the beer
and i shoot da deer
they aint come near
cuz i am here

them niggaz aint got shit
them niggaz aint got it
them niggaz actin pretty stupid
them niggaz tryina make some new shit

Rap 2
ima kill yall hataz thas fo fure
you aint fuckin wit us stupid ass ho
lets bust it up on 4
3 and 4
here we are knockin at your door
now give us the dough
stupid ass ho

(Master p)
sing the chorus one more time
and nigga stay away from that ho she mine

chorus x8

(Master p)
this shit some 504 boy shit
nigga some no limit record
ha ha ha ha
ah ha ha
word up

(snoop dogg)
bow wow wow thas some mutherfuckin shit
and how
keep it korupt

music fade
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: No Limit Records


Uitgegeven in: 2000

Taal: Engels

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