Belgian Asociality

Belgian Asociality - sigaret songtekst

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Is there anybody in this room, perhaps
who's got a sigaret for me
you know, I just smoked down my last one here
I'd like to smoke now, one now, you see ?

I want a sigaret
I want a sigaret
I want a sigaret
I want a sigaret

Is there realy nobody in here to see
who can spend a sigaret for me
come on guys, don't make me mad and sick
you know, you 'd better give me tree

I realy want that sigaret
I want it here and I want it now
I want to have that fucking bloody sigaret
I dispise you all anyhow

Oh, there is one who's got a sigaret
he's got a sigaret for me
well, I don't need it anymore, my friend
and what's more, I asked for tree
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Auteur: Mark Vosté

Componist: ?

Publisher: EMI Music Belgium


Uitgegeven in: 1989

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Belgian Asociality (1989)

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