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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 14:30:21 -0600
From: Eric Carrier 
Subject: CRD: Timothy by Dada

Song:  Timothy
Artist: dada
Me:  Devon Stauffer

OK, the song starts out with strings; I'm not going to try to transcribe
them.  Anyway the basic components of the song are A, D, E and then it
goes to C#minor to G.  Try to strum only the top three strings
(personally I think it sounds better).

Like this:
Intro (when guitar comes in):

A         D        A    D    A    D    E    E

A            D                    A
Look at me I'm ten feet tall

             D                     A
Jungle-Jim hope I don't fall

Gather 'round for my playground


Basically, that's the whole song.  When it changes to "And my mom, she's
a movie star,"  use C#minor to Gmajor.  There are, however, a few parts
in the song that require a decent amount of knowledge regarding
finger-picking techniques, I don't know how to finger-pick that well so
I had trouble figuring them out.  Give it a shot.

Here are the complete words (because I hate it when people don't include

Look at me I'm ten feet tall
Jungle-Jim, hope I don't fall
Gather 'round for my playground

They call me Tim, my real name is
Your attention please but please not
your sympathy
My dad's real cool
He discovered Mars
And my mom is a movie star

The kids at school don't let me play
But I don't care because I have
Any boy could ever need

A helicopter that takes me
A diamond horse, yeah my dad's a
Don't mind the holes in my knees
And my mom's a movie star

Billy Green grabs his lunch from the
window sill
I left mine home, how 'bout a bite
of your sandwich Bill
A friend in need is a friend indeed

The teacher asks oh where are your
parents Tim
It's been five months and I've seen
no sign of them
My dad's not here
He flew back to Mars
And my mom is a movie star

She's a movie star
She's a movie star
My dad's drunk in a bar
And my mom's crashed the car
She's a movie star....
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