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(feat. Blue Raspberry)


Suicide... a suicide

I can't take it (suicide)

I've failed, I've failed

for one who has disqualified himself from mankind (suicide)

Now I've dealt the deadly blow (suicide)

A suicide (suicide) cuz I felt inept to carry the knowledge

The mission (suicide) to teach the uncivilized

(Suicide) WHY!?

It was a pitch-black night

The frost from the trees cradled like

the moon, as my soul took flight

Upon my bipass, covered my eyes fast

The comfort, goin thru turns, blowin thru a trumpet

Floatin on clouds of hands, outstanding Karons

that blessed my tans, but took me back as man

Brothas I met, couldn't act suspended

when my strength for them, is dependent

Just, taste the sour grapes of hate

The fate, slices the veins

Escape, horrific, I see things different

Now as I, cry to end it all and just die

Yo, a suicide is a suicide

A suicide is a suicide


(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, a suicide)

(A suicide, oh, oh, oh)

(Oh, oh, ah, ooh)

[Poetic/Grym Reaper]

Hey little boojuar kid stop yelling

Come tell the Grym Reap' why you're rebeling

Your friend Marty got a new Mazarotti

His brother Arty got a brand new Ferrari

It really offends you to see all of your friends do better

So ask your pops for a Benz, you got a sweater

a pair of slacks, and a '94 Jetta

Shit was butta, but instead o'

Your attitude, your attitude was rational

Irrationally you started a fued

Stand on a Gravedigga lot singin the blues

about the rough life you've got

You refuse to abide by the rules

prescribed for your life, as you grab a knife

You fool, commitin suicide, I will spit on your grave

It's barbaric as living in a cave

(Suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide)

(Ohh, ohh, oh, ah, ooh)

(Suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide)


Yo, your life, you don't want it

Your braincells, been blunted

In a month's you'll laugh and dial 1-800-

Suicide, so you and I can be unified, U-N-I-T-Y

22nd generation, is how the Devil's elimination

The stuff that you're facing goes on without discrimination

Become attracted to my magnetic

All snakes who face jakes get strung, hung, mutilated, beheaded

Anger shreaded, then thrown to a sea of premium unleaded

You ask, you get the mace, striken and unsettled

Your ass, said you wanted to go over the rainbow

Well, you'll get strangled with a hot cup of Drano

Or fill your grill with a million sleeping pills

Make you drive a 100 miles per hour blindfolded down Snake Hill

The pick, the sickle and the shovel done got you puzzled

The blind, deaf and dumb, locked up, and dig them out the rubble

Double trouble, triple sickness, plus genocide applied

Evil suicide, a suicide is a suicide

Suicide is a suicide (suicide)

Suicide is a suicide (suicide)

Suicide (suicide)

Suicide, suicide (suicide)

Suicide (suicide)

Suicide (suicide)

Suicide (suicide)

Gravediggaz, kid (suicide)

Trying to stay alive in '95 (suicide)

(suicide, suicide, suicide, oh, oh, oh, oh)

Respect (ooh, ohh, ohh)

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