Gravediggaz - 1 800 Suicide Remix songtekst

Je score:
Back in the getto it reained for 40 days
 Ear like slain but I can't show no pain
 Headache  enormous proportions is the size of a bucket
 pain killers can't touch it
 yo  what my little brothers gone
 Now i'm torn apart as I stand with the knife at my heart
 We shared the good and the bad times
 When ma broke out to the store
 it was half time
 I remember she came back
 and we'd get beatings with the
 [fuck know's but it sounds like high wheeled track!]
 I felt the hurt from your own predicament
 Lost your scholarship
 Can't play pro ball with torn ligaments
 Career suddenly ended
 Your goals are offended
 Suicide deft tips recomended to try
 But you and I verse as we bless the earth
 So let us pour the wine preventing suicide

 Verse Two:

 Nicole's torn away from home at age 12
 In search of herself she found and angel of hell
 who decieved her like Eve
 and convinced her to leave
 Her family
 you can see she was very naive
 the fallacy she was taught was brain washed thoughts
 In a club with no culture
 Soon she was forced
 Into showing her skin tones for thin, grins and moans
 To please her saviour Jim Jones
 Her pop's was a ex-marine
 Him and his team
 got M-16's so they could blow up the scene
 They parachuted in
 Started shooting men
 Recruited by Jim
 Grabbed Nicole and threw her in
 To the trunk
 She was that close to drinking the punch
 And realized
 False prophets lead to suicide

 Verse Three:

 I was born at the bed of dawn
 Surrounded by men with horns
 Wicked forms
 But still I was happy to be born
 I grew up in a house of ten
 A mouse a men plus the vultures [Fuck knows!]
 Lacking oxygen
 Every night I dreemed I saw ghosts
 babies crying, Uncles dying, ma's trying
 Pop's lyin ma's going across his head with a frying pan
 Me and my man
 Made plans
 To boot the land and raise a fam (illy)
 But my man stands six feet in a box covered with sand
 Tears are dropping
 Dropping all

 Pull it back erase it kid
 But I figure
 That I got a little RZA

 Genocide Homicide you won't figure this out till you die
 It's a suicide
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