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[Intro: movie sample]
I told ya he ain't come out
You see him, boss of the crew, I told ya'll
And it looks like they gonna fight too
It's serious, I told ya'll, see 'em?

[Chorus 4X: samples]
"Them niggas ain't playin'"
"Them niggas ain't playin'"

Extra, extra, the dust I thrust on crew
And then they get my man wit eight track and a fluke
Ya eagle eye, scrappy, do you wanna rap against me?
I gets more comp. From my family
As a matter of fact, the shell done cracked
The bubble, hit ya in the head wit a shovel
One hop, skip, ball, block, you won't get away
Cuz I'm like 'bing-bing-bing' and I ricochet
Pass ya stupid song, my group is on
Grym Reap', a lethal comp. Like troop along
Them kids that keep doin' no damage
Imagine like ya chewin' on a toil nail sandwich

Ashes to ashes, dust to dusts
Bust this, here comes the muthafuckin' ruckus
Survived by the homicidal holder of the title
Vital, make a rebel yell at Billy Idol
Physically, bombin' 'em, bust it up, drawin' 'em
What's the phenomenon, kid, what's the phenomenon?
Here! Here comes the raw rugged rzarectah
Fuckin' up ya whole entire sector
Programmmin' ya, style wit stamina, slammin' a
Jam, funk town here to Canada
Fact or fiction, yo, I'm on a mission
Clan's in effect like roaches in the kitchen

Ashes to dust and dust back to ashes
I'm dishin' muthafuckas twenty lashes
Get ready for doom or hit the pebbles
Wheels of death spin, the mask don't kill it when I rap
Sacraments to detect, I'm ready to dissect
So come and step alive and die next
Murder is main and diggin' graves to the regular
Treacherous mangler, walk this strangler
Two cups of blood, rain makes mud
Then puts ya, Undertaker couldn't reach like a butcher
Vocals of death, stress, pray for ya mommy
Gravediggaz turnin' niggas into zombies

[Interlude: movie sample]
Oh, take this mask off, take it off, take it off
I break yo damn neck! Take this mask off

[Chorus 4X]

[Interlude: Prince Paul]
Fuck the Gravediggaz
I see zombies on the streets of Brooklyn every muthafuckin' day
Them Digga niggas ain't shit, I put a cap in they muthafuckin' black asses
Crazy muthafuckas

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Hah, hah, hah, you can't escape my clutch
Hah, I bring the horror, those not to scare ya
A fuckin' man blind of the terror
Delicate then an ant's metamorphosis
Keepin' the freak if we can preach wit the sorceress
I shatter ya bladder, breakin' bones is a must
And rippin' out ya muthafuckin' guts
Crazy lunatic wit a tick-tick-tick
Very often, it's layin' stiff in my coffin
Big up to dig up the mask of the slayers

"Them niggas ain't afraid"

Ashes to dust, what, here I am again
About to ill again, kill 'em wit my pen
Check 'em, check 'em, watch me as I wreck 'em
Brothers jumped up like frogs, so I dissect them
The rza wild when I foul on ya style
The crowd gets loud, as I "aow" then I bow
Gotta have it, see it like I grab it
If a fat ass pass, I try to stab it
Hanky-panky, no rap fuckas bang me
So many tried, but if they would of blanked, g
I'm not the one to get blamed, got my gun, not afraid
To put ya ass in a grave

The dust and ash to ash, my soul is so hot
It burns and even through a salt block
Unlock the grip and find you my platoon
I piss on a cup, like Jimmy in a restroom
Next fools to test my skip, wit a shitty bitch
I drop bombs that'll mother load a city bridge
As I get wreck off, I never date a boss like check off
Soft M. C. 'll better step off (yeah!)
Well I feel I never learned, I'm dealin' like a mad germ
Burnin' a 'fro like a bad perm
Stay off the phone ya not rhyme beamin' soft
The Gravediggaz got ya ashes in a jar

[Chorus 8X]
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