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The Masta, the Ase-Inc
       Lost is the ghetto dweller trapped in a cage
       There's no way out of the death trap

       Chorus: Gatekeeper

       You can't come back [back]
       no matter what you do when you fall in a death trap
       You can't come back [back]
       no matter what you do when you fall

       Verse One: Gatekeeper

       Time and time again life's getting shorter
       Fear in the air what appears is the border
       A nigga named Stef, was shootin up meth
       with some coke, had a stroke, so I chilled for his death
       Time has arrived, four-in-one mind
       All the sin steppin in on my face there's a grin
       Another dumb vic once moved now step
       Grabbed em by the wrist, come to the abyss
       Meet Katie, abortion was known with this lady
       A Ph.D. many degrees had Mercedes car
       She took it to a bar got lit
       Like a skunk got drunk, danced rather bumped
       Boom, she took the car to the nigga's pad
       She didn't want to kick it so the bitch got stabbed
       Wrong place and wrong time don't exist no more
       or for, according to the Gravedigga law
       So watch what you do 'fore a fool talks back
       and behold, riding on your shoulders a Death Trap


       Verse Two: Ryzarector

       This crab named Black, brother sell up crack
       And it's a natural fact, in his pockets he had stacks
       Bad ass beemer he drove, cause he sold his soul
       to get ahold of the chrome and gold
       True, he felt good as he walked his hood
       Bein hunted every night, like a bear in the woods
       See cops play the role of a fox
       if they catch your ass out on the block, ock
       it's back to the penalty box
       But Black was the type that was like
       "Yo fuck the C-cipher
       I got to get papes, every night"
       Trailed but you came for kills
       See cipher, ain't the only niggaz on the bill
       He had like a quarter mil stashed on him
       With the click, came through, and he blasted em
       So perhaps you're catchin mad snap like that
       nigga Black, smack, but you caught by the death trap

       Chorus - 2X

       Verse Three: Grym Reaper

       Bitch she had a body like a Lexus Coupe
       Her step-father, was robbin the cradle bangin the boots
       her heartbeat increased at night she couldn't sleep
       Daddy dearest, was bringin her grief between sheets
       Deep scars invaded her soul force and mind
       Six years of torture started at age nine
       At age sixteen already an old maid
       deceived, she was caught like Freddy in a bad dream
       Meanwhile her body is being defiled
       Tellin her mother, only brought a stage of denial
       Moms followed pops on the low-down
       led to a showdown, for a week shit slowed down
       But one night overcome by lust
       Father Dukes tried to score just one more thrust
       He should've held back the RZA got an axe
       Gave his dick forty whacks and threw his ass in the death....

       [You can't come back]

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