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[Intro: Frukwan]


Back again in the midst's of the dirt and the lurky mud

In the dark clouds and the pitch black skies

In the stages of triple darkness

I spark this, microphone 

To, inject y'all, to a lethal dose

Of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understandin

From the original mans plannin

Yo, take it for what it's worth

I own the planet Earth

For real

"There are a lot of questions I'm gonna ask you about this week

But the idea of living other than yourself

I'm not gonna put it down"


Burnin mothafuckas like garbage 

Livin the largest of our feline cats 

Stalkin alley ways pitch black

Do the level in pursuit, I'm snipin a mothafuckin devil

Paranoid, unemployed black rebel

Cover ups, fatality spawn bodies

Fatality, blood stained walls, that's formality

Witness the army kamikaze, symbolic to Kadafi-a

Fuck the mafia

A threat, ten national securities

For bein 400 million Fists Of Fury

In front of your lord

Weapon moves swift, gas mask, infared

Four devils ahead (huh)

Historical proportion, controllin chunks of land

Belongin to the original man, what?

"Of course you do, of course you wear a mask

Of course as a child you learned 

That your natural self was not acceptable

I understand

I understand that your parents didn't want you to be

who you were

And your siblings didn't want you to be who you were 

I understand that"


(Fuck you)

Dialog got the tools sparked, brain puncture true

Salmonize with your boo, yo

It's critical, graveyard crew live thick

The mind of the great scientific

Find of all kinds, forget it

Absence, scale casualties, mild disease

Foul remedies, enemies

Lurkin and desertin, criteria's menace, suicide

Tidal waves out in Venice

Then it's just a matter of time

Your mind go through the Alpine, tryin to confine

Fire storms dropped in a tablet, gushin from the gasket

Metal car, push cart caskets
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