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Danger Danger  Danger Danger
 The Graveyard Chamber
 Danger Danger  Danger Danger  Danger Danger
 The Graveyard Chamber
 Danger Danger  Danger Danger
 Enter the Graveyard Chamber
 Danger Danger Stranger is major
 Enter the Graveyard Chamber

 Verse One: Grymreaper

 Ahh  Here a moan
 The night is dark and feel fear
 You're lost  cold and confused
 But I'm in prayers
 Afraid of a beast that stalked the earth
 You're bringing the Jesus
 It cross don't work (ha ha ha)
 I seen your type before
 You read all the laws but
 you're scared to go to war
 Timid and frail why faith got ya geese
 Ya stolen the truth and that all your beliefs
 Are you aware son
 it's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
 Grymreap comes with my dangerous tongue
 I'm outta control like yo kids with guns
 Words that stored in a murderous thoughts
 My profile as nasty as maggots in pork
 I'm dark and damp
 enough to rush amps
 with the jaws of a flatbull or rusty can

 Partial Chorus

 Verse Two: Dreddy Krueger

 I be the Bushwick dutchmaster rapper
 I love black women and I hate fuckin crackers
 Check me yo
 My breath stink 'cause I smoke skunk punk
 everyday of the month
 in a dutchmaster fuckin blunt
 Bust the cliche
 Niggas talkin he-say-she-say about me
 ya bitch-ass-niggas
 Y'all not ass, y'all titty
 y'all style is shitty
 How dare you try to represent New York fuckin City
 I been down since BVDs and dew rags
 shelltops and shags
 I was a little badass with regular and tre bags
 Always tryin to get shit I never had
 'cause times is bad like luck
 That's why I don't give a fuck
 I dig up my nose and my butt
 on the bus or the train
 This is for niggas walkin in the rain
 listenin to they walkman(e)
 talkin the New York fuckin slang

 Partial Chorus

 Verse Three: Rzarector

 In the streets of New York
 bullshit walk, green talks
 I be the giant on the top of your beanstalk
 waving down your flags
 jagged grab niggas with bloody rags
 holdin fat bags
 takin heavy drags
 then I add more shells to the mags
 Shots goin off you getin caught like tag
 The diamond crystal I be rippin up your flesh tissue
 and have my pitbull lockin on your bone gristle
 Castin shadows in every battle
 I rabble words like scrabble
 drag your brain through the gravel
 at the speed of sound of ryhme travel
 Allow me to dabble
 with a flow that's infallable
 Maintain your order
 as words I slaughter
 I destroyed a
 whole city like Soddom and Gomorrah
 or Babylon
 I'm runnin shit like a marathon
 Niggas frontin Don
 with a set like Frank Avalon

 Verse Four: Scientific Shabazz

 Shabazz is here to cause panic
 Another fuckin madman born to the planet
 Sendin niggas to the pearly gates
 I'm psyched out
 I got screws loose like Norman Bates
 Shoot shit up like it's a gallery
 Blowin snakes heads off to earn me a salary
 Devils choke from the gunsmoke
 Once I'm provoked,
 I shove a fifth long down ya throat
 and let ya taste the steel
 Another body unidentified
 Shit from the pot is spilled
 Ya punk ass'll get out traumaed
 I'm swellin devils' melons for my man Farak' Muhammed
 Get a crew and try to surround me
 and one by one I'll light y'all up
 and send ya asses to King's County
 Solo pro-morgue supplier
 Ya want a nigga bang
 Fuck Spenser, 'Bazz for hire

 Verse Five: Gatekeeper

 Make room the masculine Gatekeeper
 kicks suspense in a terrified forms
 that keep you warm
 You're tensed up
 Niggas get wrenched up
 on a rock
 Mix a whiplash,
 bodies are gettin' smashed
 So let the volcano blow and erupt
 Destruction drift off
 Niggas are gettin flipped on
 Yeah comin after ya, huh
 I only got half a ya
 Other part froze in Alaska
 While define the feast a high beam
 Ghost of a drug fiend
 I'm physical dreams
 I breathe steam
 Thoughts are plutonic
 The chronic scripture
 angles and riptures
 I get ya
 Yo, I smash like a comet
 Punish tha drain ya

 Partial Chorus

 Verse Six: Killa Priest

 I stalk the face like a leopard
 The microphone shepherd
 is speakin parables one and two, catch it
 The brain counselor, track fertilizer,
 the murdalizer
 You never heard a wiser
 I open heads like the archives
 Allow me to explain my brain in the darkside
 I strike ya beam
 and watch it gleam
 I'm solar,
 steadfast, patient like Noah
 The rap psycho
 be the enlightener
 Prey upon the weak and strong I'm the sniper
 And light that ass like gasoline
 I dig through your chest like a jar of vasoline
 I leave your brain regurgitating plancid
 until your rhymes are exaperated
 I clip up a niggas thoughts
 with a pool of zodiac signs
 and I slowly attack the mind
 The Killa Priest will bend your ideas
 I see you cry in fear
 There's no surviving here

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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: Island Records Ltd.


Uitgegeven in: 1994

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: 6 Feet Deep (1994)

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