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America, home of the brave, land of the free
I know they ain't talkin' 'bout me
The B-L-A-C-K's, we done forgotten the ways

Yo, check it out, yo.
I crawled through the mud, young black blood teachin' his peeps
It really don't matter how many I reach
As long as I drop, science and bombs, tricks of the trade
Obedient slave, look and beyond the page
Being born dark shaded, marked and hated
Caught on drugs, that's what America loves
Never forget, time and travel, 9 thousand mile swim
I'm addicted to Bacardi and gin
Playin' the games, stuck with a devilish name
Does it seem, to me, I gotta act the same
Who am I? My jet black, covers the sky
Seen brothers that's slayed for revealin' the lies
Speakin' the truth, my back ways invadin' my roots
Now it's time for brothers to tighten they boots
Sit back, look just for a minute and cry
Now I know what Biggie meant by being Born to Die
Feelin' the whips, locked in abandon ships
Strip children from they moms, and beat them to death
Yo, give me a second to catch my breath
All of this, yo, yo... I must be blessed

Yo, check it.
Time travels, studyin' the wars of my rival
European life, wanna strip me for my title
Day one, I earned my wage, stole my age
Go far as back, have us livin' in caves
Savage life, we was wearin' diamond and ice
Get it right, 2 G. B. C., teach me what?
How to hate my own, help the plan
Forget the memories of the original man
Shapes, children build Sphinx, pyramids and saint
And according with the stars, can't deny me God
Let the Romans come stone it, like the snakes in yard
Signs so deep, they created false God
Bearin' violence, higher learning brain wash
So we countered with a million man march
Dark matter, crossbreedin' the race
Relocate, to a state, and they was lost in space
Studyin' mankind, I got nothing to hide
Probe my mind, seek and you're bound to find

Yo... Yo.
Rise and influence, scientific
My wisdom sparks like the length hieroglyphics
Manifest to the extremes of a main supreme
Circulated homicidal and predictive schemes
Actual fact, wrapped in an aerial attack
Choose my path, intensify my heat to blast
Rise above all laws and flaws
Universal savior, in a rendictive, cost ya'll
You walked thorugh Hell's Belly? Yup, to save the young
From the guns and the one that speak with folk tongue s
Studied the less', linguistic, materialistic
False belief, conceit, the mark of the beast
Only time we come together is when rest in peace
Stay blind, we break bread, book of the dead
Fill jails, we gang bang, we gang bang.
It's up to us to break the chain
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