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Yo hold up stop stop
 What's goin on  what's goin on
 Yo what's goin on  what's goin on I'm just holdin on
 (What's goin on what's goin on)
 What's goin on  what's goin on
 (What's goin on what's goin on)
 What's goin on I'm just holdin on
 (What's goin on I'm just holdin on)
 What's goin on  what's goin on
 (What's goin on what's goin on)
 What's goin on I'm just holdin on
 (What's goin on I'm just holdin on)

 If you could soar the sky like a bird
 Would you be disturbed to see brothers on the curb smokin herb
 And cops from the third precinct rush in
 Like a herd
 Chargin up the league with possession
 Freeze em and arrest em
 Strip search em then undress em
 Make the youngsters come and then sign a confession
 Or would you watch the cop in the chopper
 With the high powered binocular cameras
 Attached the bottom of his aircraft
 Takin photographs of your lab
 Pointin a 50 millimeter 500 shot magazine full clip gat at your back
 Hoverin the projects, spotlight shinin bright
 On movin targets
 Infrared light at night on dark objects
 Harassin citizens who hasn't been charged yet
 Would you order a flock of pelicans to jam their propellers
 On top see forfeit the death system failure
 Take these devils off, I witness Tom broke off
 Mentally fry his brain and blow the smoke off
 Killa Bee, presidential suite, Bill and Hillary
 Bow and kiss my feet
 Auxillary security retreat
 Heavy artillary sun heat
 Meet the agony defeats the cavalry
 Six-pack battery back, anti-gravity raps
 Snaps your head inside the bear trap
 You can't adapt to the habitat
 The biggest jigsaw puzzle be the world map
 Niggas think that they own things and man sit high upon thrones
 When you die tell me what the fuck you own
 When your skin flesh and bones find a permanent home
 As food for worms or fossils trapped in stone

 [Rzarector (Blue Raspberry)]
 What's goin on (What's goin on)
 I'm just holdin on (What's goin on)
 What's goin on (What's goin on)
 I'm just holdin...

 Airborne planes with ultra rays
 Aerosol sprays leavin tracemarks, you're picked up on radar
 Trackin your moments, political opponents
 Everything you own now he owns it
 From the genesis exact off the tip
 Undergoin metamorphosis through computers in your offices
 A crystal construct a nuclear missile
 Every fifth school we produce more pistols
 Documented details, shocked at retails
 Shipped to the ghetto for resale
 Peep the calamitist dreams and destroy the thermometers
 Droppin like niggas unemployed

 [Gatekeeper (Blue Raspberry)]
 What's goin on, what's goin on (What's goin on)
 Just holdin on, just holdin on (What's goin on)
 What's goin on, what's goin on (What's goin on)
 What's goin on, just holdin on (What's goin on)

 [Grym Reaper]
 Yo triple 6 is established
 The average savage cabbage is tryin to live lavish
 Off of the credit card balances
 The magnetic strips that stick onto plastic
 New World Order system of society that's cast us
 Masses is mastered and broadcasters speak
 The media breach and your optic forefathers
 Topics is wild as fiction
 To lessen the friction my children beware the pale rider
 Your life is slipped into a microchip
 I warned you with all of the mics that I grip
 Cash days fade away devils roll hard
 Trappin souls inside of Visa gold cards

 [9th Prince]
 Yo this is cerebal warfare
 Nuclear golden sphere attacks the hemisphere
 Leaves the human fearness of the pit of urban tears
 Dedicate my life to Allah, each bar's a star
 Far from Mars, for vengeance my opponents die hard
 Panasonic electronic thoughts cut short your life support
 Half deceased enemies are buried alive at the Wu mount enterprise
 Raisin cane remain pain in the brain
 Stain the mindframe
 Slay like heroin bein shot in the veins
 9th Prince the principle, I was born invicible
 Slew with a tribute to my attribute
 Weak lyricists in my cipher stay mute
 My wisdom is sword justice
 Chop off the head of those who can't be trusted
 I'm signin off as I let my knowledge be born
 Sharp like a thorn
 Bloods callin themselves Gods, yo
 What's goin on

 [Blue Raspberry]
 What's goooooiiiiiinnnn oooonnnnnn
 What's goin on, what's goin on (8x
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