Jars Of Clay

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surround me as I speak,
the bridges that I walk accross
are weak
Frustrations fill the void that
I can't solely bear.
Dear God,
don't let me fall apart
you've held me close to you
I have turned away and searched
for answers
I can't understand.

They say that I can move the
And send them falling to the sea
They say that I can walk on water
If I would follow and believe
with Faith Like a Child

when I feel miles away
and my eyes can't see your face
I wonder if I've grown to
lose the
recklessness I walked
in light of you

They say that love can
heal the broken
They say that hope can
make you see
They say that faith can find
a Savior
If you would follow and believe
With Faith Like a Child
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Auteur: Charlie Lowell, Dan Haseltine, Matt Bronleewe, Stephen Mason

Componist: ?

Publisher: Pogostick Musick


Uitgegeven in: 1994

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Jars of Clay (1995) , iTunes Originals (2005)

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