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We Gone Make It Rain To This One

You Already Know

(Get Money)


If I spend some

Blow some

Let ah nigga hold some

Hit The Flame

Magic City

Make it rain

Throw some

Rubberband banks

Money runnin' 

Like ah go-cart

They love to see me comin'

'Cause they know that I'ma rap star

My Bank still swole

From when I used to be a trap star

Now I'm pushin' whips like Jeff Gordan


Quick to tell ah pimp

You touch my bank

And I'm blast ya

On the westside (Ay)

This is how we act up 

Don't paly with my money man

Dubs,fifties and hundreds man

That'll get you hurt

Oh, I'm Just tryna be honest man

Better hit the dirt

'Cause I'n finna start dumpin' man

Nine in my right

45 in my other hand

Somethin' like a gangsta

Somethin' Like A pimp

My bank still swole

You can tell by my limp

K-Rab gettin' money

What you know about him

Worth a couple billion dollars

What you know about them


My Bank,

My Bank still on swole x 4

I don't know what yall been told

I don't, I don't know what yall been told

I,I,I,I don't know what yall been told

My Bank,

My Bank still on swole

(Bleesin' BoI)

Ice is so cold

Grippin' money rolls

Collecting my toll

People hate 

'Cause the unable

To touch me

With a flagpole

Plus I'm walking with a limp

'Cause my pockets is on swole

People can't beleive they eyes

'Cause i'm 17 years old

Other rappers want to say

That i ain't fresh as they is

Everything I got 

I own,I handle my biz

I been ah blessin on these beats

Ah legend in these streets

People know about my skillz

'Cause i stay brangin' the heat

Ain't nothin' worst

Than A gansta in the booth

But when you get face to face

You begin to see the truth

Give they confidence ah boost

Lift them up to the roof

Then they turn Hollywood 

In the mind and start to loose it

But never fear

Yo' hero is here

Blessin' Boi step on the scene

And everybody start to cheer

I smash a hater

Er' time I pull my wallet out

And I'm itching to do it

So you haters better shut ya mouth


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