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If it's a Malibu beat  subject of discussion
 Malibu beat  subject of discuss cussion
 You're motivated vated  to aid a percussion cussion
 There's no glo glory  for this story story
 It it rock rock in any territory tory
 I syncopate it and design it well well
 Beat elevates vates  the scratch excels cels
 All techniques are a combination
 of skills that I have, thought narration

 Last year my melody, but still complete
 Providing musical energy for the street
 Lyrics are smooth for maximum effect
 Jump track patt-erns on cass-ette
 Time-time snare had bass and cymbal
 Like that of a cat on the mic I'm nimble
 Ba-sic patterns, grouped and changed
 Se-quence fre-quent, seek and gain...
 break... break... for narration

 Break two... break two...

 I'm in the center of a - I'm in the center of a
 musical skinner; some say the skins is a blow of torture
 They hear me, they fear me, they hear me, they fear me
 I'm improvin the conditions of the rap industry
 The beat will expand, to land on foreign lands
 Germany, Italy, France and Japan, it'll
 give you a lift, no need to sniff
 No butts no how's no why's or if's
 It's you I defeated, they'll say you retreated
 Pick up your favorite magazine and read it
 Wrapped by a power, a musical shower-shower
 A picture-picture of me-of me on the Eiffel-Eiffel Tower-Tower
 I need a beat-beat...

 Doing-doing dirty, I'm your-your thought
 You're bein-bein taken-taken, the musical boom
 I'm in full trating your eardrums
 Increasing the rate of vibration
 I wanna rock ya-rock ya, that's all you need to know-know
 I need a beat, is the title of the show-show
 Providing-providing pleasure on the musical measures
 All-all arranged, to alleviate pressure
 I'm up on your list, your party thera-therapist
 Beat programmer and lyri-lyricist
 Ladies Love Cool James, studio user
 A million or more screamin people abuser
 I predict, this jam will hit
 The highest plateau in the world of music
 Paparazzi, wealth and fame
 The total propulsion, of my name

 I need a beat..

 Computer wise, and the engineer's eyes
 have to be very acute, education level high
 The product is mine, beat on the rhyme
 The control was part of the studio design
 Track after track, culminating on wax
 The tape has slack, rewind then back
 Expensive but useful, the music is the fuel
 A perfect place for MC's to duel...

 I need a beat... Farmer's Boulevard...
 Ha-Ha... Queens! Ladies Love Cool James!
 Cut Cre-ator
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Auteur: James Todd Smith, Rick Rubin

Componist: ?

Publisher: Def Jam Records, Inc.


Uitgegeven in: 1985

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Whose Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (1991) , Radio (1985) , All World (1996)

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