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Somethin real smooth

Yeah, yeah


We'll get into the groove

Power of God move

Somethin real smooth

Somethin you need to take heed to

A basehead cleaned up his act

He stopped smokin crack and took his soul back

Decided, he could find a much better way to live

You know the way - positive

Without all the negative chemicals and drugs

Without all the hangin with the envious thugs

Never before was a man so far behind

And came back to rule for a long time

Positive will explode when you light me

My enemies lurked, and they held the dagger tightly

Wanted to taste my blood, but they got scarred

When they felt the power of God

Wickedness got crushed when the Lord came

Down with the King, cause he's evil and vain

He doesn't understand the power of a ???

Doesn't realize I'm rollin with a team

Avengin angels will come and burn

All those who saw, but refused to learn

He has no color, no shape, and no form

And like I told you before, I'm just gettin warm

Get up, get down, get on it, it ain't that hard

You can feel the power of God

Money is small and the soul stands tall

All those who don't realize this, fall

The mind of a drunken fool is a useless tool

And it's cool to be in school

And overcome and overpower, but still uplift

Your mind is a gift

You're somebody, whether you know it or not

Outside the weather is hot

People walk around with their minds in a daze

Never take the time to stop and give praise

You're lucky to live in this world

Even the starvin boys and girls

Cause life is a gift in itself

And only certain people are blessed with good health

I'm Uncle L, but you can call me Todd

I can feel the power of God


And G is the seventh letter made


G is the seventh letter made

The power of God


The babies, we gotta teach em, and hold em

Send em to school, so we can teach em, and mold em

Shape em, and make em take form

Cause their mind is like a ball of clay when it's wet and warm

Harmless and innocent

Until they're taught to be violent, and militant

This mentality gotta be erased by faith

The 12th hour is comin, we're close to the 8th

Get a chapter, and gain some knowledge

If not from the Bible or Koran, get a book from college

It's not about bein black or white

It's about everybody bein a right

I pulled out my mic, and the devil got hit hard

He felt the power of God

And G is the seventh letter made

Power of god

G is the seventh letter made

That was just a word to the wise


Cause we definitely gotta unify

And we need unity in times like these

We got to stick together

Cause we as a people

All people

Gotta make it to the promised land
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