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Mase talkin 

Yo yo, this Mase, youknowhatI`msayin? You got niggaz that don`t like me for whatever reason You got niggaz that don`t wanna see me rich You got niggaz that`s mad, cause I`m always with they bitch Then you got niggaz that just don`t like me You know, the, those P.H.D. niggaz 

But you know I pop a lot of shit but I back it up though see it`s a difference, a lot of niggaz pop shit But a lot of niggaz don`t make hits But it`s like this whole Bad Boy shit we come to bring it to y`all niggaz, me, B.I., Puff, Lox, whoever Black Rob If you wanna dance, we dance 

Verse One: Mase 

Now trick what? Lace who? That ain`t what Mase do Got a lot of girls that`d love to replace you Tell you to your face Boo, not behind your back Niggaz talk shit, we never mind that Funny, never find that, Puff a dime stack Write hot shit, and make a nigga say, `Rewind that` Niggaz know, we go against the Harlem Jigalo Getcha hoe, lick her low, make the bitch, hit the do` I represent honies with money fly guys with gems 

Drive with the tints that be thirty-five percent Hoes hope I lay so I look both ways Cop says, `OK, my tint smoke gray` No way, nigga leave without handin me my shit Got plans to get my Land and my 6 Niggaz outta pen`ll understand this shit Pop champagne like I won a championship (uhh, uhh) 

Chorus: Notorious B.I.G. 

Been around the world and yah yah yah And we been playa hated [say what?] I don`t know and I don`t know why Why they want us faded [ahehe] I don`t know why they hate us [yeah] Is it our ladies? [uh-huh] Or I drive Mercedes [uhh, uhh] *Baby baby*{Not sure} 

Verse Two: Puff Daddy 

I was in one bedroom, dreamin of a million (yeah) Now I`m in beach houses, cream to the ceiling (that`s right) I was a gentleman, livin in tenements Now I`m swimmin in, all the women that be tens (hoo) Went from Bad Boys to the Crushed Linen Men Now my divi-dends be the new Benjamins (uh-huh) Hoes of all complexions, I like cinnamon Mase you got some hoes well nigga, send em in (c`mon) What you waitin for, let the freak show begin 

How they came in a truck? (Mase: Nah Puff, that`s a Benz) Mercedes, c`mere baby, you don`t like the way it`s hot and hazy, never shady, you must be crazy It`s ridiculous, how you put your lips on this Don`t kiss right there girlfriend I`m ticklish (heheh) And I be switchin fees with a wrist full of G`s Nigga please, I`m the macaroni with the cheese 


Verse Three 


Now Puff rule the world, even though I`m young I make it my biz to see that all ladies come (yeah) Get em all strung from the tip of my tongue Lick em places niggaz wouldn`t dare put they faces (c`mon) 


Before I die, hope I, remake a flow by In the brand new treasure on a old try Now when my third dry, even when the smoke lie Eat the mami chochi and drive a low-ride We never ride far, packed five in a car Save money for the drinks, I`m about to buy the bar (yeah) And everywhere I drive I`m a star, little kids all on the corner scream, `That`s my car!` 

It was days couldn`t be fly, now I`m in a T.I. Come in clubs with B.I., now a nigga V.I. (uh-huh) Rock tons of gold, nuff money I fold Roll the way you wanna roll, break a hundred out the toe 

As Biggie does chorus, Puff is in tha background: C`mon, yeah yeah, uh-huh We been playa hated! Why? Why they want us hated! Why they hate us? Is it our ladies? Say what? Yeah, baby baby! 

Chorus, with Puff talking: 

You know, sometimes I gotta ask myself Why`s there so much jealousy in the world? Don`t look at mine, get yours (music fades)
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